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What You Need to Know About Pool Resurfacing

Have you been looking for pool resurfacing options? A pool renovation every so often is not only necessary, but it can help give your pool that extra flare that will make all of your neighbors envious. If you’ve been looking at pool resurfacing, here’s some ideas to keep in mind when choosing what material you should choose.

Pool Resurfacing Options

  1. Paint. While not ideal for the long term, using a high-epoxy paint is a cost effective choice if you are looking for a quick fix or short-term change. Additionally, it can be a good middle ground that can buy you a bit of time while you look at other options, or save money for a larger scale renovation.
  2. Plaster. Plaster coating can be a good solution for backyard pools. Not only is it cost effective, it’s fairly durable in the long term. White plaster can give a sleek, clean appearance to a pool area; however, plaster is available in a variety of colours that you can choose from to fit your style. Additionally, choosing a dark colour plaster can help warm water, as it absorbs the sunlight. This is something to consider if you’re not a fan of overly cold water, even on a really hot day.
  3. Aggregate. This is a popular choice for pool owners across the country. Aggregate is made up of plaster mixed with quartz or decorative pebbles. This type can make for a very chic and elegant surface, that has the added benefit of being extremely long lasting. Aggregate custom pool finishings are one of the more expensive options; however, it will last and it is guaranteed to look fantastic. The colour combinations are also vast with this material, just keep in mind that the colours will darken over time and become bolder and richer than when originally set.
  4. Tiles. The luxury item on the list. Available in an almost endless amount of styles and colours, tiles will last you a good long time with minimal maintenance. The only real limit to what you can do with titles is your own imagination. Tile definitely lends itself to being versatile enough to bring life to whatever vision you have.

If you are in the process of pool deck resurfacing, or resurfacing your entire pool, don’t forget to check for cracks. If any are present and not detected, you may end up with issues in the future that will be a waste to all your money and hard work. Also while it is possible to handle a pool renovation on your own as a DIY project, be sure that you’ve covered all your bases, and if you’re ever unsure, contacting a professional can help prevent a lot of future headaches. If you do hire a professional for the job, it’s good to keep in mind that resurfacing not only the pool, but the deck at the same time, will cost less than if done separately; that is because it is all contained within one large project, as opposed to two separate endeavours.

If you are looking at pool resurfacing options, you should consider which of the above would be best for you. If you are working with a professional, don’t be afraid to ask for their input, as they will be able to let you know what can and will not work, in a particular space, along with any issues that they see might arise (such as cracks). There are a lot of pool resurfacing options to choose from, and all have different benefits, and final aesthetics that can completely reinvent the way your pool looks. Have you had a pool renovation done lately? What was the outcome? Let us know down in the comments what kind of experience you’ve had!

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