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Landscaping Your Dreams Three Reasons Why You Should Hire a Landscaping Company For Your Home

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Landscaping services for your lawn and patio may seem like just a luxury. However, there are many practical benefits to hiring landscaping companies for your outdoor needs. Nearly two-thirds of all landscaping projects are done on single family residential homes. The need for proper lawn maintenance is a constant one, and the landscaping and hardscaping services market in this country is predicted to earn a whopping $80 billion by this year Clearly, there is a demand for landscaping — and with good reason. There are many reasons why you should hire landscaping companies but here are three rather beneficial ones that you and your entire family can enjoy:

  1. Save on energy costs: Heat and cooling bills are always a hassle to pay. With landscaping work, however, you can stand to see smaller bills. Plants placed outside doors and windows can provide significant shade, which in turn can reduce the need for central air conditioning use by as much as 50%. Your heating and cooling bills can be reduced by as much as 20%.
  2. Reduce noise pollution: Unwanted noises can be a problem, especially in closer-knit neighborhoods. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that trees and plants can reduce noise pollution by as much as 50%. Planting trees and other plants near your home is a convenient and natural way of blocking out unpleasant noise.
  3. Increase the value of your home: Studies have shown that having lawn repair services can actually improve the value of your house. One landscaping study shows that rent for commercial real estate buildings are 7% higher than average for offices that have high-quality landscape work done. A clean-looking house or building can increase its value automatically by hiring landscaping companies.

There are a number of other reasons to hire landscaping services but the three listed are some of the most popular incentives people have when deciding whether to hire landscaping. Nearly all of those who choose landscaping have few regrets.

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