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How to Know When to Replace Gutters

Gutters are part of the water management system of your home, and they must be in good working condition. The following video will highlight things you should look for in your gutter system to ensure it is performing properly.

Most older gutter systems were made from steel and gutters would rust over time. They would be attached to the houses’ fascia with long spikes. The newer process is stronger and won’t pull away from the house or cause gaps.

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Check the fascia and soffits of the home. If there are black stains or watermarks, this means that water is getting behind the gutter and rotting the wood. A gutter service is needed to replace your gutter system.

Inspect the foundation around the home. Some homes with no gutters may see moss and wet foundations, which is a sign that too much water is around the home, and gutters should be installed to move the moisture away from the foundation.

Check the seams where the gutters and joints connect. Seeing orange or black around these areas can show signs of excess of standing water.

Check the size of the gutter. There are 5-inch and 6-inch gutters. Five-inch gutters are fine for homes that don’t have a huge pitch, creating a faster flow of water. These homes need 6-inch gutters. Five inches is just fine for most homes with less slope.

If your gutters are neglected, spring is the perfect time to walk around your home and make sure that your gutters have no sign of rust or overflowing. They should also be securely affixed to the soffit. If you see any issues that concern you, it may be time to contact a local gutter service. Well-fitted gutters can help preserve the roof, fascia, and foundation of your home.

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