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Tips For Decorating a Luxury Apartment

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According to recent statistics, more and more Americans are choosing to rent a loft apartment or rent luxury apartment over buying a home. Following the financial and economic crisis of the mid 2000’s in which thousands of Americans lost their jobs, homes, or both, consumers began to reevaluate, and even reinvent the American dream.

As such, houses in the suburbs with white picket fences are being replaced by city loft apartments. Don’t let the word “luxury” throw you off. In fact, luxury lofts for rent are actually quite affordable, and can cost just be just as, if not significantly less money than owning and buying a home. Factor in unexpected expenses of owning a home, such as costly repairs, taxes, and fluctuating rates, and it’s easy to see why renting has emerged a popular, cost effective alternative.

If you choose to rent a luxury apartment — and after reading this, I’m sure you will — you may find yourself faced with the challenge of decorating it. While loft apartments offer spacious, stylish interiors with open floor plans, they can be difficult to decorate because of this reason. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when trying to achieve a polished look.

Area rugs are your best friend

Many people choose to rent a luxury apartment, such as a loft, because of the amount of space they provide. While this promotes a sense of openess, not having defined walls can be intimidating at first, with many finding it difficult to decorate such an open space. Area rugs are a great way to separate and designate different rooms. Choose a cohesive color scheme, and select area rugs that fit within that scheme. Don’t be afraid to play with texture or pattern.


Spaces can be divided even further with open back shelving. A wall may feel restrictive, and may impede the “flow” of your new space. Not only do open back shelves act as storage, they also provide a sense of division and privacy while still maintain an open environment. The trick is to arrange items on the shelves so that they are appealing from both angles. Aside from books, you can add candles or paperweights for an eclectic look.

Size matters

When choosing to rent a luxury apartment such as a loft, keep in mind that furniture that worked well in a home may not look as good in a open floor plan such as a loft. Large, bulky pieces of furniture may only serve to weigh the space down. It’s important to maintain a sense of balance and scale. It’s okay for furniture to be mismatched, as long as it maintains a sense of cohesiveness.

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to have fun! The decorating process is a fun and exciting time. Enjoy the process as much as the finished product. See this reference for more.

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