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Wood Accent Walls Why?

Wood accent wall diy

Wood is an increasingly popular choice for interior designers and homeowners looking to remodel their space. The evidence of this is in the numbers: the import of forest products into the United States in 2013 was $14.71 billion, and a lot of that was for interior design use. Since the National Association of Realtors estimates that about 54% of people would spend more on buying a home if it had hardwood flooring, that’s good incentive just for floor use!
Another design trend that’s picking up speed, though, is the wood accent wall in bedroom or kitchen, living room or even the bathroom! An accent wood wall makes a real statement, and is a big trend in recent interior design work. The plank accent wall adds beauty and personality, as well as some character, to a room and can be adapted easily for different looks. Here are some ideas on how to use a plank accent wall or other wood wall covering in a way that highlights your values and personal style:

The Rustic Look

Of course rustic is a word a lot of people think of when they think of wood. One way to really get this look is to leave your wood paneling unfinished, or to put in one plank wood wall while leaving the rest of the room in stucco or simple earth-toned paints. This is also a good look for a beach house.

Modern Accents

Wood doesn’t usually come up as the first thought when planning a sleek, modern look, but it’s making a splash of late in this area. Putting in a plank accent wall can allow you to create a vivid contrast with an otherwise modern room full of glass and metal. This can be striking when done correctly.

Add Texture

One great draw of a plank accent wall or other wood use is the freedom to play around with textures and colors. Every kind of wood has its own color and unique grain pattern. If you want a modern look inside, fir, for example, has a symmetrical look that will compliment a contemporary style. If you’re looking for a traditional feel, pine has a grainier patter that makes a rustic statement. If you want a formal or classic look to a room, a dark wood wall covering like mahogany will achieve that. Natural and light tones create a sense of openness.

Look Up

The ceiling can be your forgotten fifth wall. Putting wood plank here can attract the eye and give intense architectural interest to the room. Depending on tone and texture, it can lend an airier look to the room, or give it a more lowering “den” look. Either way, you’ve done something above that adds interest to everything below it and makes a statement about what you notice.

Endless Choice

One reason for the current popularity of the wood trend is the enormous choice available from the many different types of wood. While oak and mahogany and pine are very popular in all kinds of home wood applications, some of the lesser-known woods are worth mentioning. Cedar is a popular choice because it naturally deters bugs and also works against odors. Teak is another possibility: it comes in tones of brown, yellow, and green and ages to a beautiful silver-grey. Alder is a hardwood that is affordable, has a lovely grain, and can be sanded and manipulated to whatever look you want.

A wood accent wall for the living room, kitchen, or bedroom can liven things up, tone them down, speak to your passions, or simply make you happy. Look into the myriad possibilities of tone, color, texture, and grain and see how your home might be improved with a plank accent wall or other useful application of the humble material: wood.

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