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Why You Need a Standby Generator for Your Home

Big electric power station with cables

Have you recently been affected by a power outage?

It’s not just annoying when you experience power loss, but it makes life miserable as well.

When the power goes out, it’s like traveling back in time to the Middle Ages.

Yes, you might still have your mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets. But, what if their batteries run out and the power is still not back on?

A generator installation is a simple solution to this problem.

With power outages becoming more frequent, especially during storms and other natural disasters, it’s time for you to have a standby generator installed in your home.

In the first six months of 2014, there were 130 reported grid outages. Power outages are costing American businesses as much as $150 billion per year, the DOE reported, with weather-related disruptions costing the most per event.

However, it’s not just businesses that are greatly affected by outages. It’s also distressing for regular homes and families when they experience a power loss.

Now is a good time to invest in a generator installation for your home, and here is a list of the top reasons why.

Power Outages Won’t Affect You Anymore

Have you ever experienced a power outage when you’re at the mall? Did you notice how quickly the power supply transfers from the electric grid to standby generators?

When you have a generator installation in your home, it will also turn on automatically in times of power outages. Whole house generators are wired directly to the electrical panel of the house. As soon as the power goes out, standby generators will start up automatically in just a couple of seconds.

Compared to a portable emergency generator where you have to start it manually, you won’t have to do a thing to get your standby generator going.

Some generators can even send you a usage report. It is extremely useful especially if a power outage happens during the time you’re at work, or even out of town.

Protect Your Household

In this day and age, we no longer dry food in the sun to preserve it. Every household has a refrigerator that keeps meat, dairy, and other types of food fresh.

If the power is out for less than 4 hours, then the food in your refrigerator and freezer will be safe to consume.

However, your food’s shelf life will start ticking past this 4-hour-mark. It’ll not only cause you to lose your planned meals for the week but you’ll be wasting money as well.

Aside from spoiled food, the conditions of staying at home quite unbearable. Air conditioning and heaters help maintain a comfortable temperature at home. Without power, you’ll have to bear with the cold climate or endure the summer heat.

When it comes to home security, having uninterrupted power is crucial. Even in our modern times, thievery usually happens when the lights are out. Your robust security system will be useless without power.

Uninterrupted Line of Communication

Going on a vacation unplugged is not the same as having a power outage at home. For one, you are caught off-guard.

Even if you have enough battery on your cellphone or laptop, your wireless router will not have the power to connect to your ISP.

Power banks may help if the power outage is just for a couple of hours. Beyond that, it will be a total communication blackout. No internet, no social media, and no VOIP calls.

If a storm was what caused the power outage in the first place, keeping your line of communication becomes even more crucial. It can help you keep in touch with your loved ones in case they need help and vice versa.

Get a Peace of Mind

Are you excited to have that peace of mind even during stormy weather?

Now that you know the top reasons for having a standby generator installed in your home, you’re ready to take the necessary steps. Don’t sit in the dark for long, especially when you have no heating or air conditioning. There are generator installers who do generator installation Panama City and in other cities as well.

Have a standby generator installed in your home and keep your family safe, secure, and comfortable even during times of power outages. Life goes on, and so should your home’s power supply.


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