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6 Common Landscaping Mistakes

Landscaping can be very important. Many people think about the interior of the home when they are talking about making home improvements, but the truth is that the exterior is very important as well. You want to make sure that it looks as good as it can and that everything is up to code, as this is the first thing that anyone sees when they approach your home, including prospective buyers if you are trying to sell it.

If you do not know a lot about landscaping, you might wonder, is there someone who can help me build the best garden for my yard? Who can help me when it comes to a beautiful yard landscaping? Who are the best backyard landscape designers in my area? What are some of the best ideas for landscaping that can help me? Who can I go to for advice when it comes to the best residential landscape design?

What are some of the most common landscaping mistakes? Let’s find out.

No Plan. Make sure you’re got a plan before you start planting. Think about how long the shrubs, flowers, and trees will last. Think about maximum aesthetic appearance and maximum functionality. It could be worth bringing in hardscaping companies to lay out the groundwork.A landscaping design can either make or break the aesthetic appearance of a home. Many home owners believe that you can’t go wrong with any landscaping design as long as you shove enough flowers into the yard. Believe it or not, there are a few mistakes people make when creating their landscaping design.

Benefits of Good Backyard Landscaping: Landscaping can often enhance a home’s price and reduce its time on the market. Shade that is often created by trees ends up being a cost-effective way to reduce heat gain in your home and can reduce AC costs.

Properly selected, placed, and maintained landscaping plants can also provide your home with excellent wind protection which will also reduce heating costs. Still not convinced you need a great landscaping design? Nearly two-thirds of homeowners say they’ll get 60% of their landscaping investment back when they sell their home!

Common Mistakes:

  1. Too Together. Planting flowers together can end up looking great, but don’t go overboard as most people do. Make sure your perennials, shrubs, and trees have room to grow, else they will end up choked and overgrown. It should say on the plant’s label how much space is required for them to grow.
  2. Wrong Plants. Opt for a lawn analysis in order to determine what pH your soil is so that you will know exactly what types of plants can grow best in the environment. You can also determine what type of soil you have (clay, sandy, etc.). Many people decide to plant flowers that end up dying prematurely or require too much care.
  3. Same Old, Same Old. We are creatures of habit, but don’t go planting the same shrub or plant all throughout your yard. Instead, throw in some landscaping rocks to break up the vegetation overload. Also try to pick bright, bold, and different colors in order to prevent a monochromatic-looking landscape.
  4. Not Reusing. Home owners constantly make the mistake of not removing old, dead plants from their front and side yards. Dead perennials are not only an eyesore that can reduce your home’s price, but they are also taking up valuable real-estate for new plants. Remove the dead ones and toss them in a compost pile so you can save on mulch next spring.
  5. Unwanted Guests. We just don’t know how to properly deal with deer, rabbits, and other critters that love to attack our gardens. An easy solution is to plant deer or rabbit resistant shrubs and flowers. Other home owners have even installed electric fences around their gardens.

Hire a landscaping company so you don’t end up making these costly mistakes in the future! Continue reading here.

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