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Three Advantages to Choosing Steel Windows and Doors for Your Residential or Commercial Space

Metal windows and doors

If you’re making home renovations or building a new structure, you may want to consider using steel windows and doors instead of more traditional material like wood or aluminum. Steel windows are rising in popularity due to their unmatched quality, safety and customization. Here are three reasons why steel windows and doors are a great option beyond their undeniable beauty.

  1. Strength
    You have several options when it comes to manufacturing windows and doors. When considering which material to use, you want to measure its strength and longevity. Steel proves to outlast its more common counterparts like wood, vinyl or aluminum. Comparing the two metal window options, steel is proven to be three times stronger than aluminum. People sometimes choose aluminum as a cheaper alternative to steel, but the decrease in price reflects a decrease in quality. Steel windows are welded together for maximum strength and durability and have lasted a lifetime for many homeowners. Even if replacements are needed, steel windows can be easily restored and pieces can be manufactured to match any existing structure.
  2. Safety
    The durability and strength of steel has become an added measure of security in metal windows and doors. It is extremely difficult to tamper with steel windows in comparison to most other building materials. If home intrusion or burglary is a concern in your neighborhood, steel windows may be the answer. A home intruder will most likely not be able to bend or break the steel window structures. Many prisons and detention facilities use steel windows because of their resistance to breakage.
    Steel windows are fire rated, meaning they are tested for fire-resistance and can withstand high temperatures. People often install steel windows as a means of passive fire protection. In a passive fire protection system, structures are put into place to stop the spreading of fires. It may be beneficial to install steel windows just for this purpose; in recent years, a home fire was reported every 85 seconds. Due to its high temperature resistance, steel will slow the spread of a fire and potentially save mass amounts of damage.
  3. Unique Style
    In residential structures, steel windows can be customized to fit any homeowner?s unique style. Today?s technology allows for steel to be manufactured in many different colors and finishes. Steel windows are popular in contemporary decor, but metal window manufacturers can fabricate a window or door in a variety of different themes. From cozy and country to gothic, the possibilities are endless. The customization options are some of steel window’s major appeals.

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