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In the Evolving Landscape of Luxury Design/Builds, Fire Safety and Energy Efficiency Reign Supreme

Steel windows and doors

With the relatively recent advent of thermally broken steel framed windows and doors, architects and designers may find themselves looking at more custom commercial installs with narrow sightlines. Although the specifications of thermally broken window units can vary by manufacturer, the industry is broadly focused on standard — and custom — multi-point locking hardware, increasingly narrow sightlines, and energy efficiency.

Metal windows
and doors, increasingly crafted from recycled steel, may offer commercial and residential property owners increased security. Experts report that steel offers both an increased level of thermal conductivity and durability; by upgrading residential windows, homeowners stand to save almost $500 every year in heating costs. For commercial properties, the financial advantage of replacing windows is potentially much higher.

Luxury homeowners who contract with design/build firms may be more apt to request steel windows and doors. Citing a high return on investment as well as enhanced security, architects and contractors alike may experience a marked spike in demand for recycled steel in the next several years. With home security experts reporting about one-third of all residential theft originating through an unsecured window or door, homeowners are correct to exercise caution and foresight during the planning stages of any new build.

Thermally broken steel windows are specifically designed to maximize heat retention, making use of newer dual-pane technology. In residential buildings, experts say that up to 20% of heat loss can occur via the windows; commercial properties where heat loss remains an ongoing engineering concern may find themselves looking for long-term, customized solutions alongside an architectural or contracting firm.

With over 1 million fires occurring across America every single year, homeowners and business owners alike have valid concerns about structural integrity regarding overall heat retention. Every three minutes, two house fires are reported somewhere in the United States, and fire rated residential hardscaping may eventually — alongside steel framed windows and doors — become a permanent fixture of custom luxury builds.

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