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If You are Considering Installing Steel Windows in Your Home, Get to Know These Facts!

Steel windows and doors

There?s no denying the beauty of steel windows. Many modern applications of steel windows take on a more contemporary style, but the customization possibilities are endless. If you are considering installing steel windows in your home or commercial space, here are some basic facts regarding steel windows, how they are manufactured and their many functional applications.

  • What exactly are hot rolled steel windows?
    Made from recycled steel, hot rolled steel windows are an alternative for more common building materials such as wood or aluminum. The process of hot rolling starts with new billet steel. It is then rolled into shapes specially designed for whatever style the end product will be. Whether it is a window or door, the process of hot rolling can create any design the client can dream up.
  • Are steel windows expensive?
    The cost can vary based on individual steel window manufacturers. The quality, however, rivals that of any other cheaper alternative. Based on strength alone, steel windows are much stronger and more durable than aluminum, wood or vinyl. The strength also attests to the longevity of the material. You may be spending more money down the line to replace or repair your aluminum windows if you didn?t choose to go with steel in the first place.
  • What are some other advantages to steel windows and doors?
    Aside from their durability, steel windows have some invaluable safety features such as fire protection. Steel windows are among the few types of fire rated windows. Fire rating determines how heat resistant a material is. The greater the heat a material can withstand, the less likely fire is to spread to other areas of the home and cause further damage. Another great benefit is the thermal efficiency of steel windows. Depending on the thickness of the glass and steel, less heat is likely to escape from this type of window versus an aluminum window. About 15-22% of homes lose heat through their windows, so making the switch to steel windows can really save on heating costs.
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