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What Are The Benefits of Steel Doors and Windows?

Residential windows and doors

There are many windows and doors available for houses, but residential steel windows and doors have numerous benefits for the home and are very modern. Just a few of these benefit include:
A high strength level
Steel framed windows and doors are very durable. If the glass in them were to get broken, you will only need to replace the glass instead of the entire window. Not only will you save you beautiful window frame, but you will save money, too.
Easy maintenance
Residential steel windows and doors are easily maintained. Cleaning is a breeze, which will help maintain their beauty. Steel is also not easily decayed or warped, leaving little to no maintenance required.
Abundance of available designs
When choosing a design for you steel windows and doors, you will have a wide selection. There is a great variety of patterns and designs to suit your style and the design of your home.
Fire resistant
Steel windows and doors can come in various fire-rated designs, which is very important considering that in 2013 alone a home fire was reported every 85 seconds. This ended up to being 1,240,000 fires that were reported in the U.S. So, you will be able to assure that your windows and doors have a high fire safety rating if you install one of the fire-rated designs.
Energy efficient
15% to 22% of heat loss happens through the windows of a home. Steels natural low thermal transmission, along with the ability to hold high performance, energy saving glass makes them a great option for battling heat loss or gain.
Steel windows can bring many advantages to a home, which includes high strength level, easy maintenance, a variety of designs, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. All of these benefits can help argue why you should install residential steel windows and doors.

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