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Why Everyone Wants Steel Framed Windows and You Should Too

Steel framed windows and doors

History has a way of repeating itself and if there’s any area where this notion rings especially true it’s the world of design trends. From clothing, to make up, to interior decorating and architecture, it’s common for what was once “old” to suddenly become new again by being reinvented into a new form. In fact, mankind has always looked to the past to determine the best way to tread into the future but sometimes, it’s best not to look back for too long.

Certain trends, such as the big hair and shoulder pads of the 1980’s, are never meant to be repeated. Ever. This is especially true in the field of architecture. Sure nearly everyone agrees that colonial homes can be quite charming, but there’s a reason why homes are no longer “made like they used to be”. While these homes may be beautifully quaint and nostalgic, they may not always be safe against fire and bad weather and they most certainly aren’t eco-friendly. Thank goodness for today’s fire rated windows and doors, metal windows, and steel framed windows!

Enter steel framed windows.

America’s Industrial Revolution brought forth a lot of great things, such as the elevator and more effective methods of construction. But it also brought forth large sheets of glass set into metal frames, otherwise known as steel framed windows. The very idea of steel framed windows often creates images of chic, modern homes carefully perched on a hill overlooking a postcard-like scenic view. While steel framed windows are commonly found in these types of home, you can also have them installed in your own home!

Residential windows are gaining popularity as more and more homeowners take the steel windows plunge.

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