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Spend the Time to Purchase Quality Brass Compression Fittings

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If you are a small or large business servicing companies who dispense beverages, or proved medical, HVAC, or plumbing repairs, you know the importance of quality materials. If you are called to service a customer and can not provide quality parts and services, you will likely not get the call the next time. This is true whether your service calls require replacing any of the following: valves and fittings, steam traps, heating and cooling parts, or brass compression fittings.

The quality of brass compression fittings is especially important because
they often help monitor and control water and other liquids. Standard modern brass is 67% copper and 33% zinc. Commonly, lead is added to brass at a concentration of around 2%. and today almost 90% of all brass alloys are recycled.

While individual consumers sometimes make brass fitting purchases, most often they are bought and sold from business to business. For example, a large wholesale supplier will provide inventory for a plumbing and heating parts store, and then individual contractors will make the purchases they need to fulfill and complete customer service calls. The sizes, varieties and purposes of brass compression fittings are too numerous for someone other than a supplier to fully stock. A standard garden hose, for example, is available in hose sizes of 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 inch. Proper size parts are obviously necessary to provide a tight fit and to prevent leaks. Even checking and repairing damaged brass garden hose fittings can avoid costly water waste.

Did you know, for example, that at an average residence, 22 gallons of water are lost to leakage each day? If not closely monitored this means the average home can lose as much as 14% of its water to leaks. This is both costly and dangerous. In the winter, for instance, an unnoticed or unrepaired leak could cause costly damage. When you do notice a leak, quality parts for the repair. If you attempt the repair yourself, it is best to visit a full service supplier who can find you exactly the part you need. Better yet, you might consider calling a certified technician with access to a complete inventory of quality parts.

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