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You Get What You Pay For (So Hire A Professional)

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We all know that guy with the permanent tarp up as a wall in his kitchen, the sawdust in his hair, and the random assortment of tools laying haphazardly around on the floor. We hang out with this guy sometimes because his pickup truck is big and he’s full of an unshakable and infectious optimism–which he would have to have, convinced as he is that he’s going to finish the repairs on his fixer-upper home himself. Except that it’s ten years later, the tools’ only function seem to be as door stops, and everyone can still see through to the second floor.

It’s no wonder there are so many guys like this muddling through the suburban landscape. Remodeling a home is hard, and often DIY enthusiasts bite off more than they can chew and start their renovations without a plan. In fact, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends spending up to six months planning and blueprinting before beginning any work at all–and this is where a professional designer should come in. A professional designer makes sure contractors and installers are scheduled in an orderly fashion, and perhaps most importantly can familiarize the would-be DIY home owner with new technology. Custom kitchen cabinet design especially is crucial, because the kitchen is where storage space and durable, safe nooks and crannies are the most important. With a good custom kitchen cabinet design recommended by a kitchen design professional, a home owner will have access to a number of user-friendly options, such as full extension roll-out shelves to prevent hand injury in hard to reach spaces.

If custom kitchen cabinet design and custom cabinetry seems excessive (perhaps you eat a lot of takeout and are in no need of kitchen remodeling), a design professional can also be useful in other areas of the home, such as the bathroom or the living area. You would be surprised what a talented professional can do with a blah bit of dead space next to your television. Perhaps home library cabinets are in your future, just waiting to proudly display your Star Trek novels.

Almost always, remodeling one’s home is a solid investment, whether you plan on reaping the benefits as a home owner or a seller for profit. So invest in the process and hire a professional. Don’t be “that guy.”

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