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What to Use a New Addition Separating From House For

Additions are one of the most popular home remodeling projects. According to a 2020 Houzz Report, the popularity of home extension and addition projects grew by 52% among American homeowners. There are several reasons why these additions are popular; for example, they offer more space, can be cheaper than buying a new house, and can help improve your home’s comfort and functionality. And the best part is you can build an addition for various uses, depending on your needs. So, if you’re planning to extend your house, below are a few excellent ideas on how to use your new addition separating from house.

An Apartment Unit

One of the best ways to use your new addition separating from house is to turn it into an apartment. The good news is that you can find many ideas for adding an apartment unit to your home. For example, you can finish your garage, basement, and attic, then convert them into an extra dwelling unit. Or you can build an addition at the top of your garage, in the backyard, or even a second-story unit.

One of the top benefits of turning a home addition is that you can rent it out, earning additional income. This supplemental income can help you pay off your mortgage and cater to your home maintenance, repairs, and improvement expenses. It can also provide your family with an additional revenue stream for other day-to-day expenses. And when renting out your apartment, you can choose from several arrangements, like a short-term rental, long-term rental, or an Airbnb.

Of course, you must consider several laws and regulations when planning a home remodeling project for an apartment addition. First, you must obtain the necessary permits from the local authority for building the addition. Secondly, you should check if local ordinances, state laws, and HOA regulations have restrictions for renting out part of your home. Lastly, you might have to acquire a business license, especially if you use your apartment unit as an Airbnb.

A Place for Guests to Live Comfortably

If you plan to build an addition separating from house, you can turn it into a dwelling unit where your guests can live or stay when visiting. Such units are becoming increasingly popular in many American homes; according to the National Association of Realtors, accessory dwelling units are increasing by 9% annually. And there are several ideas to consider for dwelling unit addition, from a garage, basement, or attic conversion to an apartment over the garage, a second-story unit, or a tiny house in your backyard.

Of course, there are several features you must include in your dwelling unit addition if you want your guests to live comfortably. For example, you can hire bathroom remodeling services to install a bathroom into the unit, thus providing your guests with convenience, privacy, and extra comfort. You can also hire contractors to install a kitchen, especially if your guests (for example, parents and in-laws) will stay with you for a long period.

Besides functional features, you should also invest in comfort when building an addition separating from house that you intend to turn into a dwelling unit. For example, you should hire a home heating contractor to install a heating system, ensuring your guests are warm and toasty during cold seasons. Other excellent ideas to improve comfort include installing an air conditioner, adding comfortable furniture (couches and chairs), and installing an entertainment system.

A Space Just for You

Another cool idea when planning an addition separating from house is to turn the space into a personal sanctuary. This can provide you with a relaxing private space where you can retreat from work, kids, spouse, and other hassles of your daily life. And, of course, you can find many creative ideas for your personal space addition, such as a garage, attic, and basement conversions, an extra room attached to your home, or a backyard addition.

One of the first things to do when creating a personal sanctuary is to decide how to use the extra space. For example, it can be a simple space to relax, enjoy a glass of wine or beer, or watch your favorite TV program. You can also turn the space into a hobby room, for example, an art & crafts, gaming, writing, or pottery room. Or you can turn your home addition into an exercise room, for example, a private home gym or yoga studio.

Of course, when creating a personal sanctuary in your home, you want it to be as unique as possible. Therefore, you should hire custom home builders who can take your ideas, fine-tune them, and turn them into a complete work of art. For example, some top remodeling ideas your builders can assist you with include mood lighting, flooring finishes, bathroom & kitchen installation, custom storage solutions, a mini-bar or wine rack installation, and an entertainment system.

A Place to Go if Damage Occurs

Home damage is a major concern for many homeowners; according to a report by Business Wire, around 10% of U.S. homes were affected by natural disasters in 2021. In addition, several homeowners must contend with damage caused by fires, water damage, roof leaks, mold, and pest infestations. These instances of property can be inconvenient, as they can leave you without a place to stay while your home is being fixed. Therefore, another excellent idea when planning an addition separating from house is to turn it into a haven where your family can stay in case of home damage.

Some of the top ideas for an addition where your family can shelter in case of home damage include a bump-out addition, a garage conversion, a second-story unit, or a tiny house in the backyard. These spaces can be useful in case of flood damage in your main house. So, after hiring home flood repair services, you can move into your extra living space, where you can comfortably stay while your house is being fixed. This can greatly save you from the expenses of renting hotel rooms for your family or the hassles of staying with family or friends.

A home addition separate from your main house can also be very useful in case of something like a leak, roof damage, or when you’re conducting major roofing renovations. Once again, you can comfortably turn your addition into a temporary home instead of having to make living arrangements for your family. And as a result, you can turn your focus to other crucial tasks, like looking for roofing businesses near you that can fix and restore your home.

A Place to Work

If you work from home, a home office is another excellent idea for your new addition separating from house. Turning your addition into an office can also be handy if your organization uses a hybrid work model. But even if you have a regular 9 to 5 job, a home office addition can come in handy when you bring your work home or for a side job.

The best part about turning your new addition into an office space is that there aren’t any limits to your creativity. For example, you create a creative workspace in your converted garage, basement, or attic. Or you can turn your backyard addition into the perfect garden office, thus creating a stimulating working environment.

Of course, you can also find several home remodeling ideas that can help improve the quality of your workspace. For example, you should invest in windows and skylights to ensure your office has plenty of natural light. You should also invest in storage solutions like shelves and drawers, which can provide much-needed storage space, thus keeping your office organized and clutter-free. Other excellent design ideas for your home office addition include ergonomic furniture, stimulating décor (like artwork), and stylish light fixtures.

A Place for Family Time

A family space is another excellent idea for using your new addition separating from house. With a family space addition, you can create a hangout living area where your entire family can have fun, either by simply relaxing or by enjoying various relaxing and fun activities. But apart from quality family time, the addition can also offer several other benefits like extra space in your house and improving the rest of your home’s functionality and comfort.

You can consider several ideas when planning a home addition to be used as a family space. For example, you can convert your attached garage to create a family room. Or you can consider a new home build and create a detached family living space in your backyard. Other excellent ideas include converting your basement & attic, building a second-story unit, or adding a family room above your garage.

Of course, you must hire professionals when planning a home addition to create the perfect space for family enjoyment. For example, you need to hire home contractors to handle various aspects of the project, like flooring, walls, and lighting. You should also look for home care companies that can give your addition a nice finishing touch, thus making it a welcoming and comfortable space for all family members. Lastly, you can consult an interior designer about installing an entertainment system or the most suitable furniture to add to your new family living space.

A Place to De-stress

A relaxation space is another perfect way to use your new addition separating from house. This can be where you relax at the end of a hard day’s work. Or it can be an area where everyone in the family can take a much-needed break and de-stress when things become too much. And the best part is you can find several ideas for your relaxation space, from a library to a game room, a meditation space, a yoga studio, a music room, etc.

When planning your addition, you must invest in several features to create the perfect relaxation space for your family. For example, you can finish the walls with calm and relaxing paint colors like whites, neutrals, earth tones, and a mix of bright shades and darks. You can also invest in lighting, for example, large windows for natural light and cool light fixtures for the perfect ambiance. Other excellent ideas include selecting comfortable furniture (like beanbags) and investing in relaxing décor items, for example, a water feature.

You can also find several other ways to turn your new addition into a calm space where your family can de-stress. For example, you can invest in HVAC services, thus keeping the space comfortable and the indoor area clean. You can also hire home cleaners regularly to keep your new relaxation space clean and serene.

A Space to Increase Your Home Value

Home additions are an excellent way to increase your home’s value. For example, according to a study by, additions like an accessory dwelling unit can add up to 35% to your property’s value. Therefore, another top way to use your new addition separating from house is to turn it into a space that adds value to your home.

You can find several ideas for additions that can add value to your home. For example, you can finish and convert unused spaces like your garage, loft, attic, or basement. You can also hire home addition contractors to build attached room additions, for example, an extra bedroom, bathroom, or a separate living space. These additions help to add value to your home while providing lots of extra space that can significantly improve your home’s functionality.

A sunroom addition is another excellent idea that can help to add value to your home while increasing its stylishness and comfort. Lastly, you can invest in a detached addition, which you can use for various purposes, from a garden shed to a garage, an outdoor gym, a workshop, a playroom, storage space, or an outdoor home theater. And apart from the several uses they have, detached additions also have high ROI, thus guaranteed to increase your home’s value.

Are you searching for ways of using a new addition separating from house? The above are some cool ideas for utilizing the extra space. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your new home addition project today to enjoy these and several other benefits it can offer you.

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