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Increasing Your Curb Appeal With Gardening

Commercial garden hose

Flowers and floral landscaping are a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. When flowers are blooming and colorful, they attract attention. They can increase the value of a home and can provide a more welcoming look to the entire exterior of the home. They are also low cost and are a great budget way to improve the curb appeal of the home. There are a variety of other exterior home projects that could also potentially also increase the value of the home.

Water and maintain the lawn regularly. A home with a lush, green lawn looks better than one with brown grass. How often you have to water your lawn will depend on a variety of factors, including the overall health of your lawn, the weather conditions where you live, and the type of grass that you have. Some types of grass are lower maintenance, while others require daily watering to be healthy.

You may also want to figure out how much water your lawn requires. The same factors that contribute to the amount of watering required also will allow you to understand how much water is needed, per day. Experts say the optimum amount of lawn watering is one inch per watering session. However, this could more or less if the grass is very dry, or is already very healthy. A sprinkler system can help take a lot of the manual labor out of watering the grass.

Invest in a good hose. Both the grass and the flowers will require water often. Having a hose that is not strong enough or long enough will make the job of watering more difficult. Things will get watered less, and it will be difficult to keep up with your exterior landscaping. Investing in a construction sized hose or heavy duty garden hose can make watering easier. It can also make it easier to place sprinklers, where needed. You can buy a garden hose as short as 25 feet or as long as 100 feet.

Plant planned shrubs and trees. Trees and shrubs take many years to grow to full size. Because of this, many homeowners forgo them in their landscaping plans. They simply do not have the patience it requires to wait for them to grow to full size. Homeowners can solve this problem in two ways. They can purchase already grown trees and shrubs and attempt to root them into the ground for further growth. They can also utilize fertilizers and other growth properties to increase the growth time.

In Spring 2014, the number of people who did gardening within the last 12 months amounted to 113.5 million in the United States. A lot of these individuals did not include shrubs and trees in their landscaping plans. Shrubs and trees provide many home benefits, including additional privacy, sound barrier, and an increased overall curb appeal. Some trees may even provide fruits.

Build a garden. Most gardeners focus on flowers and plants. Many may overlook the benefits of a fruit and vegetable garden, for both an increase in curb appeal and functionality. When you choose to grow your own food items, you can save money on public food service. You are also aware of any products that may have touched your food and you can ensure that they have are fully sanitize. Freshly grown fruits and vegetable can also be very healthy. Building a garden is a minor construction job that can often be completed in one weekend.

Increasing the curb appeal of the home provides many benefits. The house is easier to sell and the homeowners gain a sense of pride in home ownership. Many of the gardening plans also provide additional benefits. The small construction of a garden, for example can provide the family with many freshly grown fruits and vegetables, which can be difficult to come by. The construction of trees can reduce home energy costs by controlling the amount of light that comes into the home. Gardening is a great way to increase the overall value of the home.

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