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An Easy, DIY Method for Cleaning Your Windows This Weekend

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Have you noticed that the windows in your home are looking a little grungy as of lately? Although window washing might seem like a daunting task, it is best to do it before so much dirt builds up that you can barely see out of them. The cleaner windows are, the more light can get in to warm and light your home, which cuts down on heating and electric costs. Clean windows also make your home look nice in general. The best part is, you don’t need to hire professional window washing services to achieve nice, clean windows. Although it can be a bit time consuming, window cleaning can actually be quite a simple project. If you’r windows are in need of a good cleaning, don’t delay any longer and follow the steps below for giving your windows a thorough cleaning.

  1. Vacuum the Screens – The first step in the window washing process is to clean the screens. The best way to clean window screens is to actually remove them from the window and take them outside to give you adequate room. Once you have a screen out, vacuum both sides, making sure to remove any loose dust or cob webs that have gathered over time.
  2. Wash the Screens – After you have vacuumed the screen, you’ll need to get a bucket and a small scrubby brush. Fill the bucket with warm, soapy water. Dip the brush into the water and then scrub the screen thoroughly, making sure to remove any excess dirt that the vacuum did not pick up. While you want to be thorough, also be careful not to make any holes in the screen. After you are finished scrubbing, hose down the screen until all of the soap has been rinsed off. Find a good place to prop the screen outdoors and let it air dry (against the side of the house usually works well).
  3. Wash the Windows – While the screen is sitting out to dry, you can move onto cleaning the glass window. For this part of the project you’ll need paper towels, a small, hand-held squeegee and aerosol glass cleaning spray (both can be found at your local hardware store). Spray the entire window with the glass cleaning spray. Immediately after, take a paper towel and spread the cleaner around the window pane. As soon as it is evenly dispersed, place the rubber part of the squeegee onto the window and pull it straight across to the other side. Repeat this motion until all of the cleaning spray has been removed from the window pane.
  4. Replace the Screens – Once the glass window pane is clean, you can go outside and check on the screen. If it has completely dried, take the screen back inside and place it back in the window frame, ensuring that the screen is facing the right way. If you took several screens out to clean at one time, make sure you keep track of which screen goes to which window.

And there you have it. Four simple steps to get your house windows nice and clean! To learn more, read this.

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