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Looking for a New Home? Check Out The Outer Banks Real Estate Market!

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The housing market is booming, meaning that now would be a wonderful time for investing in rental property or buying a home in the Outer Banks area. The Outer Banks area has a lot to offer, after all. The close proximity to the ocean, warm weather, outer banks history, and family friendly attractions help make the area a great place to raise a family and live.

The good news about real estate for potential home buyers, renters, and property investors is that the housing industry is projected to continue booming throughout 2015 thanks to a healthy economy, demand, competitive mortgage rates and affordable prices. The demand is really what’s helping to keep the housing industry on track for success. To accommodate a growing population, Forbes estimates that nearly 1.5 million new housing units will need to be built each year! That’s not only good news for the Outer Banks area, but for the entire U.S. as well.

More and more people are desiring to own their own home. In fact, about 24% of home buyers in recent years decided to make to jump into home ownership because of their desire to own a home, while others bought homes because of job-related relocations or moves, or to have a better place to start and raise a family.

But not everyone has to buy a house. There are a lot of great renting opportunities out there, even in the Outer Banks. But whether you’re looking to buy or rent, it would be a great idea to contact a realtor. Real estate agents are very useful, and they’re great at helping people find the type of homes or rental properties they’re looking for. In fact, 98% of buyers viewed their real estate agents as one of the most useful sources of information during the home buying or rental process. They’re so useful that 88% of buyers in 2014 purchased their home through realtors.

So whether you have a plan of investing in rental property or buying a home, consider seeking the aid of a real estate agent so that you get the most bang for your buck!

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