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Some Tips For Choosing The Right Paint In Your Home

If you’re looking to provide a fresh coat of paint to various parts of your home, you are certainly not alone by any estimation. Painting your home is a fast and effective way to make it feel fresher, look brighter, and improve its overall appearance. For those who are looking to sell their homes in the near future, a coat of paint is likely to be quite necessary indeed. Without a coat of paint freshly applied before the home is placed up for sale, it is far too likely that the home will look old and even a bit worn out.

Of course, choosing the right color is an important consideration to make. Neutral tones are always ideal, as they tend to be quite popular indeed among people of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, a full one-third of all current homeowners in this country have said that, were they to repaint their home, they would choose a number of neutral shades. For selling a home, neutral shades are more than ideal – with one exception.

This exception is that of the bathroom. When it comes to your bathroom, it has been found that a pop of color can actually be quite tremendously beneficial in selling your home. Painting your bathroom blue, for instance, can actually increase the final selling price by as much as $5,400, a truly immense amount of money by just about any estimations, especially just for painting a bathroom blue.

But aside from the color of the paints you look at, you’ll also want to look at health-focused paints. These health-focused paints will be low odor paint and low VOC paint, as volatile organic compounds can actually be quite detrimental to people of all ages. As a matter of fact, even just 500 ppb of volatile organic compounds in the air can set off a reaction in an otherwise healthy adult who is dealing with chemical sensitivity. In addition to this, early exposure to PGEs and VOCs can actually double the typical child’s chances of ultimately developing allergies. Therefore, it is clear that volatile organic compounds can really end up playing a considerable role in your health – and paints that include them should be avoided at all costs.

Fortunately, health-focused paints are more prevalent and easy to access than ever. From porch and floor paint to paint for priming walls to paint for the nursery, health-focused paints come in many different varieties. If you’re moving into a new home, however, you might not be able to guarantee that health-focused paints have been used whenever possible. Fortunately, there is less to worry about than you might think.

After all, the volatile organic compounds that can be found in paint will actually dissipate over the course of time. About a year after the paint has first been applied, be it nursery paint or a satin varnish or some other type of paint, the concentration of volatile organic compounds will be negligible. However, making the choice to use health-focused paints in the future will certainly still be very important indeed.

And the need for health-focused paints is not something seen just in the typical residential spaces like the home. In addition to this, health-focused paints are being used more and more frequently in hotels. After all, making hotels as safe as possible for all guests is a must – and is already something that is shown to be likely to increase business. After all, more than 80% (around 83%, to be just a little bit more exact) of all people traveling have actually stated that choosing an allergy-friendly room would be ideal and is something that they would likely pay more for, should they be given such an option.

At the end of the day, even little things like the types of paint we use can end up having an impact on our overall health. Fortunately, using health-focused paints can be hugely effective in combating this, and can lead to better health at the end of the day. After all, these health-focused paints will be free of things like PGEs and volatile organic compounds as well, making them more than ideal for many people.

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