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3 of the Most Common Plumbing Problems and Why A Professional Should Handle It

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When something goes wrong with you plumbing system, you grab your tool kit and try to fix it yourself. You may think a leaking faucet is a quick and easy repair, but are you sure your do-it-yourself skills are sharpened enough to solve the issue? Although completely by accident, you may create another problem for yourself if the plumbing repair isn’t done correctly. Know when to call a professional plumber. Here are three of the most common plumbing problems and why a professional plumber may be your best choice.
Leaky Pipes.
You may have noticed water pooling in an area of your home where it is not supposed to ? are leaky pipes to blame? Leaking pipes will slowly drip water along your plumbing system and can create a buildup of water that may cause greater damage. Plumbing leaks happen at the joints of pipes. Most quick fixes involve sealing up the leak, but that solution only acts as a bandage. Sometimes, a professional repair or replacement must be made. As a preventative measure, commercial plumbers can perform leak detection services to catch a leak before damage is caused.

Clogged Drains.
You?re probably familiar with the hassles of a clogged drain. Is the water building in your shower faster than the drain can handle? Does the kitchen sink fill too fast when you?re trying to wash the dishes? If your drain can?t pass the water fast enough, you may be dealing with a bad clog.

Plungers can only do so much, and over-the-counter drain cleaners are filled with harmful chemicals that don?t work as well as advertised and may cause internal damage to your pipes. Many people do not think of a clog as a plumbing repair that requires calling a professional, but it is something that may be too big of a project to DIY. A commercial plumbing company is equipped to handle any clog, big or small, and has the professional products to do so safely and efficiently.

Dripping Faucets.
Not only is a dripping faucet incredibly annoying, it can cost you hundreds in wasted water. Hundreds of gallons may be wasted if a leaking faucet isn?t fixed in a year?s time. There are several reasons as to why a faucet is leaking, and it is best to leave this to a professional as well. Often times, it requires more than just a simple tightening of a nut or bolt. The mechanisms in your faucet system may need to be replaced completely.

To remedy any current plumbing situations, perform plumbing repairs or simply just check your plumbing system for any flaws, it’s best to call a professional or commercial plumbing company to handle all of your plumbing needs.

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