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How Air Duct Cleaning Works

In the video presented, the reporter offers a comprehensive look at the air duct cleaning process provided by an air duct cleaning and repair company focused on these services. The discussion starts with a focus on the tools used, emphasizing two vacuum types: portable and truck-mounted. While portable systems have limitations in reaching all areas, truck-mounted systems are praised for their powerful capabilities in cleaning the entire ductwork system.

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The reporter further elaborates on the use of air compressors, various attachments, and disinfectants, emphasizing the importance of these tools for a thorough cleaning process.

Moving on, the reporter details the steps involved in air duct cleaning. There’s a strong emphasis on the commitment to thoroughness, with the company exclusively using truck-mounted systems and certified technicians. The process includes initial preparations, such as laying drop cloths and protecting walls, followed by drilling access holes for the vacuum. Cleaning techniques involve compressed air, air rods, and specialized heads to effectively remove debris. Homeowners are advised on the potential noise during the process, suggesting those sensitive to it stay away. By comprehending these steps, individuals gain insights into the entire duct cleaning process and its benefits for sustaining a healthy indoor environment. This aligns with the company’s commitment to excellence and professionalism, encouraging proactive measures for achieving cleaner and healthier indoor air.


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