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What You Need to Know About Electrical Service Panels

Electrical panels are kept from household activities in the garage, basement, or closets. Electrical service panels link the internal electrical wires of your home’s electrical system and the external wires from the street.
There are many types of electrical panels. The main breaker panel controls power coming into different rooms in your house.

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It is sometimes used to cut power to your house, and here you will find the circuit breaker. Fuse boxes prevent circuit overloads by shorting out when there is an excess flow of current. Main Lug, sub-panels, and transfer switches are the other electrical panels you can find.
When the panel’s outer door is closed, it is safe to touch the service panel. Never attempt to work on a panel when the door and protective cover are removed. Removing the protective cover after shutting off the main breaker cuts will not keep you safe. This is because the main breaker only cuts off power going to the home’s circuits but not the power coming into the panel on the utility lines.
Get your circuit breaker inspected at least once a year to ensure it is working correctly. Inspect for loose connections, signs of aging, or hating within.

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