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Hardwood floors, carpeting, or linoleum?

If you are looking for a new type of flooring for a room, you may have a flooring service in mind to do the work. They will know how to fit wooden flooring so that it looks great. Getting a hardwood floor overlay is a great way to get high-quality flooring that will look great for many years to come. Hardwood flooring is highly durable and will be ready for plenty of foot traffic without ruining it.

If you have wondered about floating hardwood floor prices, the prices are often higher than with many other types of flooring. However, it is less expensive than many upscale flooring types. The price largely depends on what specific type of flooring you choose and how large the room is. There are many different woods that are used to make flooring, and some are more expensive than others.

When considering hardwood floors, you may have wondered- is hardwood flooring worth it? In most cases, it is. The price may be higher than arpent or vinyl flooring, but it also lasts much longer and is a classic that won’t go out of style next year. It can stay looking great for decades when you take care of it.


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It is often a difficult choice for a homeowner to choose between carpet, hardwood, or linoleum floors. The authentic look and feel of hardwood is definitely tough to compete against. However, the comfort of carpeting and cost effectiveness of linoleum make them viable options for virtually any room. There are many pros and cons to each option, and hopefully this article will help a frustrated remodeler make an educated decision.

Hardwood floors:


1.) Very easy to clean. The best way to clean hardwood floors is typically with a simple mop, soap, and water.
2.) Last a very long time.
3.) Authentic look, feel, and smell.
4.) According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the indoor air quality of a home is typically better with hardwood floors than any other type of flooring.


1.) Can be damaged easily.
2.) If damaged, they can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly to fix or completely replace.
3.) The cost of hardwood floors is generally much higher than other materials.
4.) Will usually take the longest to install out of all the flooring options.
5.) Sanding, installing, and refinishing are difficult tasks that should usually be left to a professional.



1.) Comfortable on the feet.
2.) Wide variety of colors, materials, textures, and designs. There are also a large number of styles to choose from including woven, needlefelted, knotted, tufted and flatweave.
3.) Typically a cost effective option for your floors.
4.) New carpet installation or replacement tend to be simple and quicker than installing hardwood floors or linoleum.


1.) Can be difficult to clean or remove stains.
2.) Much easier to get dirty and must be cleaned more often.
3.) Can develop an odor if not properly cleaned and maintained.
4.) The look of carpeting is usually thought of as less desirable than the look of hardwood floors.



1.) Good middle-ground option between hardwood floors and carpeting.
2.) Typically in between the price points of hardwood and carpeting.
3.) Much more inexpensive than hardwood, while still maintaing that look and style.
4.) Easier and quicker to maintain, replace, or install than hardwood floors.


1.) Generally do not last as long as hardwood floors.
2.) Easy to damage. Dings and scratches are usually fairly common.
3.) Lack the authenticity and feel of hardwood (if that is important to you)

Which floor option is your favorite for your home? Tell us in the comments section!

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