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Popular Home Remodeling Trends for 2016

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Did you know that more people are expected to renovate and remodel their homes this year than anytime in the past five years? Several years ago, many homeowners reported putting off home improvements because of the state of the economy. Now that many people have a bit more money to work with, they are choosing to renovate their homes at unprecedented rates. In 2013 alone, homeowners spent about $130 billion on remodeling projects.

If you are in the remodeling business, it?s time to get your company up to date. It?s 2016 — the better you understand current trends, the better you?ll be able to appeal to homeowners and what they?re looking for today.

What exactly do you need to keep in mind for home renovations? Here are a few tips.

The Millennial Effect: Low Maintenance

Not surprisingly, the preferences of the youngest home buying group are beginning to shape tohe home renovation industry. Low maintenance remains at the top of the list for many new homeowners. Not surprisingly, quartz countertops are one feature coming in strong — they have the beauty of other stone surfaces while avoiding the upkeep associated with granite countertops. Stainless steel that resists fingerprints is also getting a lot of attention.

Restaurant Features: in the Home?

As interest in shows like Top Chef has grown, we?ve seen a general move toward kitchen upgrades that mimic the appearance of a professional kitchen. Expect to cater to home owners who will want top grade ovens and flexibility in their kitchens in order to accommodate all the latest must have gadgets.

Get the Appropriate Tools, Invest in Tool Sharpening

Many homeowners today aren?t looking for the cheapest option possible — they?re looking for an option that will last and be custom built to their needs. For this reason, it makes sense to have top grade wood cutting tools made by custom tooling companies. Don?t put off tool sharpening if it helps ensure that the tools you?re using are creating precise cuts.

Open Up That Space

Kitchen islands can be great, unless you barely have enough room to move in. Some homeowners will be looking for a remodeling contractor that can take this feature out of their kitchen. Similarly, see more homeowners asking for walls to be removed in an effort to open up their downstairs areas.

What trends in home remodeling do you think will be popular for 2016? Let us know! Read more articles like this.

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