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The Strangest Robberies of All Time

Steel windows

Did you know that around 30% of all burglaries are because of an open or unlocked window or door? A home intrusion occurs every 13 seconds, but at least you won’t have to worry about any of these bizarre burglary scenarios. (That is, so long as you keep your steel windows and doors shut.)

The Cupcake Crook

A Denver man robbed a cupcake store of $300 by threatening to inject employees with a syringe full of HIV+ blood. Why he thought a cupcake store would have enough money to warrant a robbery is… the least confusing element of this story.

Fight or Flightless

In 2012, three young men, reportedly inebriated, broke into SeaWorld and swam with the dolphins. They then kidnapped a sleepy penguin by the name of Dirk, but later ditched him in a nearby lagoon. Poor little fella.

Can’t Cross Here

In a desperate desire for scrap metal, 200 tons of material was dismantled from a Russian bridge overnight. The town’s inhabitants found their commute to be a little more difficult than usual without the structure, and decided to make the next one out of concrete.

Now All We Need is 6,000 Forks

When an Orlando truck driver left his big rig unlocked and unguarded, he returned to find that his $170,000 truck and $40,000 worth of its contents were stolen. What was he shipping? 6,000 cheesecakes. That’s a hard job to get away with, or it would have been, if the truck wasn’t refrigerated.

If you want to protect your cheesecakes, check out your local sellers of residential windows and doors. They offer steel doors and custom steel windows that will keep your house safe and sound. For more info on steel windows and doors, do your research and compare prices on the web. (From the safety of your own home!) For more, read this link.

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