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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Windows

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Window treatment refers to the decoration used for a window or window frame and can include anywhere from a valance to shades to curtains. The current window treatment trend is to use one of these and never to mix them such as the valance with curtains which used to be in style. Blinds with curtains is acceptable but shades are different as you will see in this article.

Window treatment trends have gone back and forth and around for a while but recently have started coming back into style. This is probably because of all the new options there are available. Windows can make or break the look of the room so finding the right treatment is crucial to decorating. Here are the top window treatment trends of right now.

  1. Organic This is one of the most popular types of window treatments. It is a very natural look usually accomplished by using natural woven materials for shades such as bamboo and matchstick. They let in the light and you can see through them to the outside but they do offer some privacy although not 100% if it is dark outside and light inside. blinds are merely slats that can open and close to cover the window or not. Shades are little bit more stylish and functional with more option then blinds. Generally even with the shades closed diffused light will be let in.

  2. Color Blue is a very popular window treatment color. All shades of blue can be used to get this semi colorful affect like teal, soft greens, gray and all dusty shades work in this palette. If you’re going for a bolder treatment do not mix with the softer colors. For example, reds, golds, and oranges work well together but do not mix them with the blue palette mentioned before unless you were going for a 70’s look.

  3. Luxury treatments Luxury fabrics include silks, velvet, fur, leather and suede. This trend is popular with a room that is almost vintage. Tassels and crystals pair well as tiebacks.

  4. Thrifty. This would be the opposite of luxury treatments. This entails using what you arty have lingering on the house or keeping it very inexpensive. Flat sheets or large tablecloths can be used as curtains which broadens the horizon of color and pattern.

  5. Film Window film is usually made of a clingy flexible substance like vinyl. This works best if you have sections in your window. This way you can use the film to cover every section or just some. Lace is also used in place of window film. A little modge podge and some lace scraps can look beautiful as a window treatment.

There are many more types of window treatments than just what is in this article but this will give you an idea of all the different options out there depending on your style, taste, budget and need.

Window treatment trends come and go so find something that you genuinely like, not just that it is in fashion and then even if it goes out of style you will not have wasted your money.

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