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Three Last Minute Methods for Protecting Your Home From a Hurricane

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When a hurricane warning goes into effect, there isn?t much time to waste. Unfortunately, a house that is not well enough prepared for a hurricane can experience serious property damage. After the warning is announced, you may wonder: How do I prepare for a hurricane? For those houses not equipped with hurricane prevention methods such as roll down storm shutters or hurricane window films, it may seem like all is lost. Luckily, there are a few things you can still get storm protection. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for a hurricane right before it?s scheduled to hit.

Bring Everything Inside

Hurricane winds are strong enough to toss around even the heaviest of your yard appliances, so be sure to bring them in as soon as the warning is sent out. This includes lawn furniture, grills, lawn mowers, and any toys that are laying around. In addition, grab any large sticks that have fallen on the ground, and check the nearby trees for any loose branches. The less that there is on the ground outside, the less likely they will be sent flying into your house.

Secure Your Windows

Even if you don?t have storm protection shutters, there are still ways to protect your home from being sprayed with shards of broken glass. Grab a couple of two-by-fours and drill them into the wall (not the window!) to secure the window. If you don?t have any two-by-fours nearby, make sure to secure the window hatches and draw the blinds. If your windows do not have protection, it?d advised that you stay away from them during the storm.

Block it Out

With hurricanes can come heavy flooding, which can end up seeping into your house and causing all kinds of damage. Placing lumber or sandbags in front of vulnerable areas can help keep water that collects on the ground out of your house. These barriers prevent the flooding from entering your home, ensuring that your possessions stay safe and dry.
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