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How Can You Protect the Comfort of Your Home? Through Air Condition Repair and Maintenance

Hvac repair service

According to estimates from the Energy Information Administration, nearly 100 million U.S. homes have central air conditioning installed. Even with the wide variety of environments and people living in the Land of the Free, our need to be comfortable, wherever we are, brings us together. That is where air conditioning services come into play.

What every American needs to consider is, like every other type of machinery, air conditioning systems, HVAC or otherwise, need to be properly taken care of if we hope to keep them from breaking down. When you consider that the American people spend $11 billion each year on keeping their homes comfortable with an AC system, according to, you see exactly how integral these solutions offered through HVAC companies really are. If you want to keep your air conditioning going year round, then you need to make frequent use of air condition repair and maintenance professionals.

Regular Mechanical Maintenance

More than half, 52%, of Americans do not believe their HVAC systems require regular maintenance. However, as the Air Conditioning Contractors of America point out, letting your system go without any sort of maintenance for an extended period of time is the surest way to need a heating and air conditioning repair. Inspecting the flue system, checking the heat-exchanger, and cleaning the blowers is key to a healthy system. For best results, air conditioning professionals recommend homeowners have their HVAC systems inspected twice a year, at the very least.

Duct and Filter Cleaning

Beyond regular maintenance, you need to make sure your air system stays clean in order to keep your home safe. As The Independent writes, a dirty air conditioning system directly leads to greater chances for sickness in the home. According to HomeAdvisor, a typical vent and duct cleaning runs around $366 in the United States. Offered by heating repair professionals, this service will get your ducts clean and your HEPA filters replaced, leading to far greater air quality in your home.

Avoid Excess Wear and Tear

Beyond maintenance and repair, air condition repair professionals can help your system avoid excess wear and tear through the installation of a programmable thermostat. Best known for their ability to cut home energy costs, programmable thermostats can also reduce the stress on your HVAC system. By only running your system when you need to, you reduce wear and tear. Ask your air condition repairman about installing an automated thermostat today.

There is no doubt that air conditioning is the key to our comfort, wherever we may live. However, we have to make sure we take care of our systems so they are ready to work for us at a moment’s notice, all year round. Air condition repairman can make that happen. Links like this.

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