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Understanding A Military Dity Move

Navy dity move reimbursement time frame

Anyone who’s in the military has probably heard of a dity move already. After all, these moves occur regardless as to whether you have been assigned a temporary duty (TDY), temporary additional duty (TAD) or a permanent change of station (PCS). However, if you’re about to go through your very first military move, there are some specifics that you do need to know about.

To begin with you should know precisely what types of military dity move expenses are covered in comparison to those that aren’t covered. The items that are covered within a military dity move include a truck or trailer that you rent to help you move (ie a UHaul is covered); any money that you spend upon packing materials, which includes renting packing blankets or furniture pads; the rental of a hand truck (aka dolly) but you’ll only be allowed to rent one of them, no more; any gas, oil or tolls that are encountered by your rental truck whenever it is en route to your new destination. On the other hand, the items that aren’t covered within a military dity move include transporting your own personal car to a new destination (not even for the gas that you need to make moving your vehicle possible); any sales tax encountered on anything, even if it’s something that’s covered by military dity move reimbursements; any meals or lodging that you’ll encounter along your move. In order to keep up with these things you will want to find an online dity move calculator. This will help you to keep better track of your expenses throughout your military dity move.

There’s no doubt that military moving is stressful. In fact, moving is said to be so stressful that it comes in third only after death and divorce. Fortunately, with a military dity move you will be given $25,000 to help make the move a little easier financially at least. Ger more information on this topic here.

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