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You Are Single-Handedly Ridding The World of Fresh Water

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Imagine if just 1% of the cocoa in the world could be made into chocolate. Now imagine that one nation’s inhabitants were consuming 100 gallons of chocolate each day, as if they had no regard for the impending cocoa and chocolate shortage. You’d be pretty mad, right? Well, then we have bad news. That very situation is happening – but with something much more vital: water.

Just 1% of the worlds water is actually appropriate for drinking because so much water contains salt or is frozen in ice caps. And even with 1% all water actually be usable, Americans consume 100 gallons of water each day. Some might suggest that ease of water access is the problem. In many areas of the world, infrastructure is slim and getting fresh water requires well digging services. If people had to hire well drilling services and store water in water storage tanks, they may feel like consuming 100 gallons wasn’t worth the work associated with procuring 100 gallons of fresh water each day.

People have been using wells to get their water, a life sustaining substance, for more than ten thousand years. And until about a hundred years ago, almost all wells were dug by hand. Now the best well digging services could’t even fathom using their hands to dig wells. From basement sump pump installation to fresh water wells, there are plenty of professionals with expertise and technology to make things quick and easy relative to 100 years ago. However, not every country is so lucky. And, of course, in those countries that don’t enjoy an ease of water access, much less water is consumed.

There’s no sense in tearing up our infrastructure to make a statement, but remember how difficult water access can be without our fancy wells and basement sump pump installation can keep us grounded about the water we consume and our effect on the limited resources that must serve all people.

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