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Walk in Tubs for Seniors and Those with Mobility Troubles

Walk in bathtub

Purchasing and installing walk in bath tubs for family members with mobility issues can provide great peace of mind, because the bathroom is one of the number one places in the home where accidents occur. With walk in bath tubs you will no longer need to worry about parents or family members falling while getting into or out of the bath. Walk in tubs may be considered specialty items for the disabled or those with limited mobility, but they are actually not that difficult to find. Many big box home improvement stores or plumbing supply stores stock or can special order walk in bath tubs. If no one local to you has in stock or special order capabilities for walk in tubs there are internet sources where you can order the tub and have it shipped directly to the home where it will be installed.

People with mobility problems can find greater independence by having a walk in bathtub installed in their home. A warm relaxing bath can be great for the sore muscles of many individuals, and with walk in bath tubs people may be able to engage in some water therapy without leaving their home. Hot water soaks and aroma therapy oils can aid in relaxation and provide pain relief for a wide variety of conditions. Walk in bath tubs are designed to fit in the same spaces as standard tubs. Without needing to move walls people are able to enjoy tubs without a huge expense. Additional plumbing for walk in bath tubs may be necessary for add ons like water jets and massagers.

Walk in tubs can allow seniors to stay independent and in their homes longer. Walk in tubs offer a door in and out of the tub that reduce the likelihood of an individual falling while getting in or out of the bathtub. The seats or benched found in these tubs additionally reduce the likelihood of falling while showering or bathing.

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