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Why You Want to Keep Your House Pest Free

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Having pests in your home can feel like an invasion of your sacred space. Rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, and other unsavory home invaders don’t make for good roommates — and can also present you and your family with safety concerns. Rats and roaches can carry disease, while termites may make your home structurally unsound. Your best option to eradicate pests is to call pest control services, who can send an exterminator or who specialize in rodent control or termite control, for example. It’s also wise to see what might be attracting pests to your home — is there trash or food left in your home that’s attracting mice? Are baseboards, pipes or ducts, or any other entries to your home sealed up? Keeping your house clean and sealed up can go a long way towards not having to call a pest control service.

What Dangers Can Pests Pose?

The main concern when it comes to pests is how they affect your health. Mice, rats, fleas, and cockroaches are all responsible for spreading diseases, bacteria, and other pathogens which are harmful to humans. A national study showed that over 80% of homes in the United States contained mouse allergens and other studies have shown that American roaches are responsible for spreading a minimum of 33 types of bacteria, six different types of parasitic worm, and seven other human pathogens.

Termites can cause structural damage to your home or other buildings, making them unsafe to live in. Around 15% of new homes even have major structural damages or defects, which include termite damage. Living in a termite damaged home is inadvisable, making them a costly pest.

And, psychologically, having pests in your home can be damaging. Having an influx of mice or cockroaches — or worst of all, bedbugs — can be stressful and horrifying to many people. And once you’ve had them, the fear that they’ll come back lingers for awhile after.

How Can a Pest Control Service Help?
A pest control service can help you eradicate your pestilence and give you some peace of mind. If you’ve been trying to rid yourself of mice or roaches, or another type of pest unsuccessfully, calling in pest control services sooner rather than later is always a good idea.

An exterminator will look at your situation and figure out a plan of attack that’s specific and pointed, as well as help you devise strategies to keep them from coming back. They can also monitor your home afterwards and come back to do preventive treatment after the first treatment has had time to kick in.

Hiring an exterminator
right when the problem shows up may take care of it more efficiently than home remedies and will ultimately cost less than trying to do it yourself — and likely having to call in an exterminator afterwards. They’re also trained to handle their products safely and where they should be placed inside (or outside) of a home.

How Can I Keep A Pest Situation Under Control?

Certainly calling an exterminator is a good first step, but to keep them from returning, you want to cast an eye to your home. Making sure crumbs and spills are swept up regularly and that containers are sealed. Fruit can often attract pests like ants or fruit flies, which are drawn to the sugar.

Make sure that your exterior is well sealed against would-be invaders. Keeping your pets clean — especially if they’re outdoor pets — can also help prevent pests from hitching a ride inside. Try and reduce water or moisture in your home as much as possible — ventilated bathrooms and keeping an eye out for leaking pipes is crucial. Cockroaches, for example, are always on the lookout for water. Apart from them though, wet areas provide good breeding spots and gathering places for pests.

Keep your home well-protected from pests and if you happen to have a pest problem, take care of it immediately. It’ll only get worse if you wait. In just one year, for example, one female mouse might have five to 10 litters with between five or six babies per litter. Call a pest control service to take back control of your home.

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