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Optimize Your Air Conditioner and Save! The Newest Approaches to Cutting Cooling Costs

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While most American homes have central air conditioning, some homeowners may not realize that they can perform minor maintenance tasks themselves. They may want to hire an AC contractor to come in and perform yearly maintenance — some air conditioning units have parts that contain freon gas and should not be handled by homeowners — and also to show them the proper way to handle and replace air filters.

As long as filters are changed three to four times a year, whether by local AC repair contractors or by homeowners themselves, homeowners should see a reduction in their energy bills. Although modern appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners use about half the energy they did 50 years ago, central heating and cooling systems can benefit from renewal and repair.

If a homeowner were to combine the most efficient, most modern central air conditioning system with a metal roof, for example, the potential for savings would become even greater. Many homeowners are taking advantage of local grants and incentives and are beginning to install solar panels on their homes and garages. Not only do the metal roofs act to insulate residential and commercial properties, but they can also help solar to charge and to retain heat.

As the cost for upgrades that were once considered “futuristic” continues to decrease, more Americans are taking advantage of the opportunity to drastically reduce annual heating and cooling costs. Air conditioning units usually last more than a decade, and regular air filter replacement can cut costs by up to 15%. Residential AC repair contractors can typically consult with homeowners about system-wide upgrades.

The average American home has increased in size to more than 2,000 square feet, and with asking prices on residential properties jumping almost one-third for expansive, modern additions, many homeowners feel justified pressure to keep their homes in peak condition. Regular maintenance on existing air conditioning units, however minor, can act in conjunction with scheduled repairs to create both comfort and security for people who are considering selling their homes.

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