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Things to Consider When Remodeling the Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling virginia beach

Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University have shown that home improvement projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling are expected to increase by 40 percent between 2005 and 2015. Furthermore, 42 percent of homeowners see now as a prospective time to remodel. Major kitchen remodeling virginia beach have been known to return an average of 73 percent of investment and upscale projects an average of 63 percent. Some kitchen remodeling chesapeake trends include induction and gas stove tops, engineered stone and quartz bars, french door refrigerators, European spray pullout faucets and deep dingle bowl sinks.

In the bathroom remodeling virginia beach area, high efficiency toilets have made a rise in popularity among consumers. The plumbing industry and EPa define high efficiency toilets as toilets that use an average of 20 percent less water per flush than the typical 1.6 gallons. Bathroom remodeling chesapeake can be a great way to spruce up the home and lower your carbon footprint. However, a few steps should be taken before you begin the task of remodeling.

When beginning a bathroom remodeling chesapeake project, figure out what issues must be addressed first. These could be plumbing issues, flooring issues or mold issues. Fit the prices of fixing those issues into your bathroom remodeling chesapeake budget as a priority and then build around it. Having the best looking bathroom in the are will not matter if it is not functional.

Next, explore various bathroom remodeling chesapeake designs and figure out which one is right for you. Make sure your new additions, such as shower, tub, sink, cabinets match and compliment each other and that they fit within the space you have to work. Bathroom remodeling chesapeake can be confining unless you start tearing down walls, but the right features can make the space feel comforting and inviting.

After you have decided what needs fixed and what style you want for your bathroom remodeling chesapeake project, pick out the appliances that best suit your needs. High efficiency toilets and showers can help reduce your carbon footprint and lower your water bill. Though they are expensive up front, they could save money down the road. However, if you already have high efficiency upgrades but are looking for something new, shop around to find the best products that suit your style and needs.

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