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How to Be a Good Plant Parent

If you’ve ever asked your friend (or ever-listening virtual assistant) “is there a garden store near me?” then this is the article for you.

Although older generations still dominate the garden market — a full 35% of it — younger people are starting to build interest as well, with 18 to 24 year olds making up 29% of gardening households. You’ve most likely gazed wistfully at your friends’ houseplants, or been dazzled by the green displays at local garden centers. But there’s no need to feel left out: with just a little extra time and attention, you too can be a great parent to your own little garden.

Before you go searching the web for “garden store near me,” check out these top tips for becoming a good plant parent.

How to Become a Plant Parent

Becoming a plant parent means more than simply buying some random plants at your local nursery. Much like adopting a pet, there are a few considerations to take and preparation to be done. Instead of trying to grow plants in your backyard with no forethought, take the following steps to become a good plant parent.

Choose Your Plants Wisely

In this fast-paced day and age, taking time to read isn’t the first thing on most people’s todo list. But before you go buying plants, it’s important to learn about the different varieties, and choose the ones that are best for you. You will need to answer such questions as:

  • How much extra space do you have for plants? If you choose a particular plant, how big will it grow?
  • Are you really ready to have plants indoors, or should you restrict yourself to choosing outdoor plants for a porch or backyard garden?
  • How much time can you devote to plant caretaking? Will a particular plant require more care than you can afford to give?
  • How much direct sunlight is in or around your home? Do you need to choose plants that thrive in shade?

Don’t bite off more than you can chew by getting plants that are too big, too many, or too time-consuming. Get the ones that fit your situation.

Consider Your Plants’ Locations

Choosing the right spot for your plant will determine how well it thrives. Your plants must be well suited to the space available. Will they grow tall like little trees, hang down over the table from a basket, or sit on its own little table in the corner?

Research Each Plant’s Needs

Whether you’re getting just one plant or several, it’s important to know what they need from you to thrive. As mentioned, some plants require more care than others, and they all need different kinds of care. Besides knowing what kinds of plants will fit in with your home and routine, make sure you have a checklist of care routines for each one.

And with that, you should be well on your way to becoming a great plant parent to your own home nursery. Next time you find yourself wondering, “is there a garden store near me?” you’ll know what to look for, as well as what to expect when you start caring for your new little plants. Happy growing!

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