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Tile Cleaning and Restoring to Give Your Floor that Perfectly Polished Look

Terrazzo tile cleaning

Some people do not realize just how crucial it is to have the right flooring material in place until they see the wrong flooring, whether in their own home, a public building, or their place of work. The right flooring in the right setting can make all of the difference, so if you are building or remodeling your home or workspace, make sure you take the time to fully consider each of your options, and possibly even do a bit of extra digging and research to find that perfect flooring for your project.

Tile cleaning and restoring for your spaces without carpet

Carpet is a great option, depending on where you are looking to put it. Many people prefer to have carpet in areas like the bedrooms and maybe the living room, but there are other areas of the house that a floor of hardwood or tile clearly makes more sense. A very telling 90% of homeowners would prefer to have hardwood or tile flooring in the kitchen, and there are not many places that you will see carpet in a bathroom.

Consider it this way: restrooms and kitchens only represent about 10% of any given facility, but depending on what type of facility it is, these two areas are typically used by 100% of visitors or occupants of the building. Because there is such high traffic, and they are areas where cleanliness is especially important, about 80% of facility complaints generate from one of these two areas. If you have tile in these areas, the importance of tile cleaning and restoring cannot be overstated.

Types of tile, and methods of tile cleaning and restoring

When it comes to the tile that you have or are getting ready to install in your home or business, there are, of course, so many to choose from. Not only do you want something that makes tile cleaning and restoring easy, but you want something that will add character to the place, and bring it all together. You will naturally want something that is durable enough for what you intend the room to be for. Two solid options for your bare floor choices are terrazzo and travertine.

  • Terrazzo flooring

    Terrazzo flooring is actually a mix of several different types of materials. The composite is made from chips of marble, granite, quartz, and other similar materials that are then smoothed into one surface. This type of flooring has been used for centuries, and it can be ideal for the environmentally-conscious. Terrazzo flooring that uses 100% recycled glass aggregate can be made up of as high as 75% recycle raw material by volume.
  • Travertine flooring

    Travertine is not made of several different stones and materials as terrazzo is. It is a type of limestone itself, one that quickly forms and hardens near hot springs. It is quite heavy, and incredibly durable. Just a 12-inch by 12-inch sheet of travertine can be as heavy as five pounds. A good choice for areas that you do not plan on having carpet in, and that need to stand up to the test of time and wear.

Terrazzo restoration and polishing as well as travertine tile cleaning and tile restoration require special care. There are a number of cleaners and chemicals that are too harsh for these types of flooring, so if you are planning on cleaning these types of flooring materials, make sure you do your homework first, so as not to stain or otherwise damage the beautiful tiles. If you are not confident that you have have the correct cleaning and polishing tools, contact a professional service and have someone do it for you. The money that you spend on hiring a professional will likely pale in comparison to what it would cost to fix your floor after damaging it in such a way.
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