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Learn How to Replace Bricks in a Wall on Your Own

Your brick wall has a few damaged bricks. Does this mean you have to hire a masonry service? Not if you follow these tips from Stu Crompton, bricklayer and creator of many bricklaying tutorials on his YouTube channel.

You’ll need to cut the damaged bricks out through the mortar with a steel saw. This can be rented from some hardware stores.

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The saw needs to be hooked up to a water supply. Be sure to wear eye, mouth and ear protection. You also need work gloves. Do the horizontal cuts first, then the verticals. You may need to remove the bricks next to the damaged bricks.

You’ll then need to get a mason’s chisel and a hammer. Hammer the uppermost brick that needs to be replaced and work your way down. Use the chisel to remove all of the old mortar.

Bricks can be purchased ready-made at your local hardware store. Bricks need to be put in from the bottom layer to the top. Mix the mortar in a bucket. Spread on with a masonry trowel and put the bricks in place. Use the trowel to scrape off any excess mortar. Use a jointer to scrape the mortar off of the trowel. You can also use the jointer to neaten up the mortar before it dries.

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