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Three Benefits of a Retractable Screen Door

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In warm weather, working in the garage with the door open can be a great way to enjoy a pleasant breeze and access natural sunlight. Unfortunately, it can also mean bugs, flying in and out of the building and distracting your work. The presence of these insects can be extremely annoying, but they often aren’t the worst pest you might have to chase out of your garage: if you leave your door open by mistake, you could also find yourself providing shelter to a raccoon, skunk, stray cat or other animal. Fortunately, by installing retractable screen doors in your garage, you can enjoy the beautiful weather without worrying about the security of your home! Read on to learn about the benefits retractable garage door screens can offer you and your family.

You may have already installed screen doors in your home, which allow you to leave your front or back door open without worrying about unwanted visitors. You have likely found that these screen doors allow refreshing breezes into your home, even on the hottest days, saving you money on air conditioning while still keeping your family comfortable. Likewise, retractable screen doors for garages help keep this popular area airy and cool while maintaining a modicum of privacy and keeping out birds, bees and other pests.

Like traditional screen doors, retractable screen doors are typically made from aluminum, copper, fabric mesh, or fiberglass. The last option, vinyl-coated fiberglass, is often the most popular option because it doesn’t corrode, rust, or stain, allowing you and your family to enjoy your garage screen door for years to come. Moreover, like all screens, retractable screen doors are easily cleaned with soap and water or even the drapery attachment on a vacuum cleaner.

There are several different forms of retractable screen doors, including mechanical-operated doors and simple pull down doors. Whichever option you choose, your retractable door will be easily to raise and lower, allowing you to park your car inside or open up the garage as needed quickly and easily. Some screen doors are also designed to remind users that the screens are down to prevent users from backing through them by mistake.

Are you interested in installing retractable screen doors in your garage to promote comfort and ventilation? Contact a local installer today to discuss installing one in your home!

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