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Create Good Boundaries When You Install a Fence on Your Property

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Setting boundaries can be a good thing, especially if you have a lot of neighbors and a small space. Looking into fencing can be a great way to keep your yard private and distinguish where your property is. If you have small children or pets, fences can also be a way to keep them safe — they’ll block access to the road and can help keep swimming pools safer as well. Fences may also keep pesky animals or rodents out of your yard, gardens, and flower beds. A fence can also create a nice aesthetic and improve curb appeal, depending on your area — a white picket fence or split rail fence can lend a certain charm to your home and yard. Getting in touch with a fence company can have many positive benefits for you, your yard, and your family. There’s no “one size fits all,” so talk with your fence company about options and price ranges that will fit your needs the best. Some fence companies may also specialize in residential fence installation versus commercial fence installation.
Why Get a Fence in the First Place?

  • Privacy
  • U.S. zoning committee experts report that the majority (80-90%) of the applications to build or install fences are for stockade fences (which offer more privacy). The industry employs over 250,000 people and is responsible for over $50 million dollars in revenue every year. Privacy can be very important especially for people in neighborhoods where homes and yards are close together. A Harris Poll conducted by the National Association of Landscape Professionals with over 2,000 U.S. adults showed that 75% of Americans thought it was important to spend time outside in their yards. Over 80% of Americans believe having a yard is important and 90% of the respondents felt it was also important to make sure it was well-maintained. It’s tough to spend time in your yard if you feel like you’re constantly being watched or inspected by neighbors, pedestrians walking by, and traffic. A fence can help with all that.

  • Safety
  • Another reason many people contact a fence company is to help with safety. If you live in a high traffic area with young children, a fence and a gate can be a deterrent to children who are playing in the yard. Additionally, a fence can deter anyone who might try to wander into your yard and will make it obvious that they don’t belong there. If you have a swimming pool, pond, or other area that children or pets shouldn’t wander into, a fence can help keep that area blocked off until appropriate supervision is available. Child-proof locks can also be installed on many fences or gates to keep kids from clambering in anyway.

  • Curb Appeal
  • Lastly, curb appeal can be a powerful motivator for homeowners who are looking to upgrade their yard and home’s outer aesthetic. For example, a classy aluminum fence can help bump the curb appeal of the home and offers a return on investment of about 65%! There’s something very satisfying and classic about a newly whitewashed picket fence or charmingly rustic about a split rail fence running along a larger property. It can often make things look tidier and well organized as well.

Who Can I Talk to About Fence Options and Installation?
Getting in touch with a fence company is a great way to start! If it’s a primarily residential fence installation company, they’re sure to be prepared for all your questions and have something that will suit your budget and taste. They should be able to give you a quote for materials and labor and can also advise on how to keep your new fence well-maintained and when/if it should be replaced in the future. A fence company will also be able to advise if your initial calculations need to be tweaked — say a swimming pool fence needs to be a foot higher — and often know your town or city’s zoning laws as well.
Make a good investment today when you get in touch with a fencing company! You’ll feel safer, have more privacy, and add some curb appeal to your home and yard!

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