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The Value of Temporary Heating for Construction Along with Other Temperature Services

There are various options available once you settle on getting temporary heat rental solutions for your construction site. But first, you not only need to know how and where to start your search. You should also narrow down your search to specifics. This is because the myriad of information out there can be a bit daunting. For example,if you want to know if propane fits are a viable option, a quick search for ” propane temporary heat” will get you valuable insight.
Other temporary heating options that are worth exploring include a construction furnace. This is a very simple but effective method of providing temporary heating. It’s a solution that will cost little money as it can reuse timber waste collected from construction sites. If, however, you go for this option, be wary of using painted wood. That’s because some paint releases toxins into the air when it’s burnt.
Another solution worth considering is a construction gas heater. While this is quite effective, it’s expensive to maintain because gas prices are shooting through the roof every waking moment. You’ll find renewable sources of gas to be more affordable and sustainable. Generally, getting construction site space heaters is beneficial and worth your consideration.

There is no reason to force your construction crew into the cold during those winter projects. Therefore, the rental of temporary heating for construction is a great option to help maintain a happy and productive workforce.

Why Invest in Temporary Heating for Construction

If construction workers will be working outdoors during the frigid months of winter, there is an extreme risk of hypothermia or other illnesses. Hypothermia is defined as having the body’s internal temperature fall below 95 degrees. When spending several hours a day outdoors in freezing weather, this becomes a great risk. There may be a frame or external structure already constructed for the project, but there is no guarantee that it will remain at a proper temperature for your workers to remain comfortable and productive.

Keep a Comfortable Workplace Temperature

Even though construction workers are often moving on a regular basis and have the ability to keep their body temperature up, the temperature of their workspace plays a role in productivity. Cornell University has reported the highest productivity levels in the workplace to occur when the temperature remains at an average of 71.6 degrees. Similarly, OSHA has provided a measure of keeping the workplace temperature between 68 and 76 degrees in order to keep everyone working properly. Therefore, during the months where temperatures tend to fall close to or below freezing, it is likely best to have temporary heating for construction projects.

Additional Options for Workplace Comfort

When working outside on projects like construction, there are other weather problems that may cause issues with workers’ productivity. Some of these may be things like allergens, humidity, dust, and much more. Therefore, other machines are able to help keep the air clean and comfortable in order to make those days on the job as productive as possible. Some of those machines include the following:

  • Propane heater rentals
  • HVAC rental
  • Rental air conditioners
  • Dehumidifier rentals

Considering the fact that other troublesome issues can happen during summer months as well, temporary cooling for construction and other projects is also helpful. If you are looking to keep your workers happy and productive, then all of these machines are able to help keep the workplace a comfortable one, even during the most treacherous weather throughout the year.

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