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How a Lighting Design Company Can Improve Your Home

Architectural lighting

In regards to architectural designs for homemaking and building businesses, the lighting design and implementation is very important. Not only will the lighting design effect how your building looks in terms of simply lighting up dark areas, it will also effect your home or business in terms of energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, lighting can account for an estimated eleven percent of energy use in residential buildings and eighteen percent in commercial buildings. It may not sound like a lot now, but when that is taken into context with other items that use your energy, it will be important to maximize the efficiency of your lighting designs. There now exist and industry of companies and their primary form of business is in lighting design. A lighting design company can come and not only design and install stylish and good looking lights, but they can also make sure you maximize the efficiency of your lighting energy. Here are some ways that a lighting design company can come and help your home and business.

Now, unless you are an expert in the industry of installing lights and designing lights, there may be some details you do not understand. For instance, if you want to get a certain aesthetic for your business or home, you need to understand what type of LED light you need to install. A lighting design company can come and implant a smooth and cost-effective residential lighting design for you. Take into consideration that for a warm-yellow light, you should use bulbs marked 2700-2900K for LED lights. For LED lights where you want a whiter light you should use bulbs marked 3000-4100K. When using LED lights, if you want a bluer white light you should use bulbs marked 4200-6500K. These types of intricate details in terms of retail lighting design and custom lighting are very important to discern unless you know understand lighting design on a high level. Allow a lighting design company to take over and handle the difficult end of this process. If you are a business owner you want to make sure that the lighting design in your office is of the highest quality so that your employees will not complain nor feel distracted by a poor lighting design. The American Society of Interior Design indicated that sixty eight percent of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices. Make sure your employees are not a part of that sixty eight percent by hiring a lighting design company to come in and decide the best architectural lighting design for you.

If you are looking to engage in a home improvement project, like improving your backyard patio, some LED lights may help make things much better. Late at night you can enjoy the nice backyard patio area you have installed under beautiful and energy efficient LED lights. As a matter of fact, LED lights use only about fifteen percent of the energy that a standard halogen light uses. LED lights also provide up to eighty five percent more light output. These two statistics make LED lights highly energy efficient in comparison to all other types of lights. Hiring a lighting design company to come in and install a stylish and energy efficient set of LED lights will help your business not only look great, but also your business will be able to save money. No matter if you are a small business owner trying to school up high end commercial lighting designs, or a homeowner looking to start up a home improvement project that involves outdoor lighting, bring in a lighting design company and it will save you both time and money.

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