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Top Four Landscaping Design Tips And Tricks

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Feel beautiful landscaping is out of your reach? Confused on where to start renovating your living spaces? Don’t be! Even the simple addition of a tree, patch of flowers or shrubbery can go a long way in bolstering your home’s image, improving the environment and even increasing the value of your house. Below are some simple landscaping tips to get you started and see your yards, patio and fencing looking lovely with minimal effort.

Save On Energy

Let’s start off with the most underrated benefit of landscaping and lawn care: saving money on your energy bills! The U.S. Department Of Energy, for example, found that energy-efficient landscaping can save as much as 30% on air conditioning costs. Trees circulate the air and provide shade, blocking as much as 95% of sunlight, which translate to less reasons to adjust your thermostat dial in the future.

Improved Home Value

Homeowners know professional or personal landscaping looks good — turns out everyone else knows it, too! A University study saw that homes with ‘excellent’ landscaping saw a boost in their sales price by at least 6%, contrasted with equivalent houses with only ‘good’ landscaping. Even simple additions, such as a front row of flowers or an attractive fence, will go a long way in leaving a positive impression on whoever walks by.

Reduce Sound Pollution

Trees are truly one-of-a-kind. Not only do they naturally clean the air and provide us with essential shade, they can even reduce noise pollution and cultivate a more relaxing environment. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) found that trees can reduce bothersome noise by as much as 50% by masking unwanted sounds with pleasant ones. Good landscaping (and good sleep) has never been easier knowing that your surrounding trees and bushes are hard at work!

Pavement Material

Last, but not least: pavement! A beautiful and accessible pavement is one of the most desirable qualities in any residence. Retirement communities, for example, saw 48% of its residents putting properly landscaped grounds as a high priority. The type of paving material or design you use can also redirect rainfall and provide a more level walking ground. Ideal lawn care doesn’t have to be out of your reach — look into your local landscape professional services, or just the nearby flower shop, and get your start today.

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