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The Importance of Proper Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Heating and air chattanooga

Home air conditioning units help to keep families cool and comfortable during the summer heat. A recent report by the United States Energy Department states that air conditioning units have cost Americans as much as $11 billion dollars per year in energy costs. Nearly 86% of American households have air conditioning units; in order to avoid unnecessary heating and air repair bills, it pays to regularly maintain and replace your heating and cooling equipment.

Cut Energy Costs
There are many steps that the average homeowner can take to keep your heating and air conditioning systems working longer and more effectively. Using fans in conjunction with an air conditioning unit can help to expediently cool your home, ultimately saving the homeowner on their energy bills. The U.S. Energy Department reports that simply switching to a high-efficiency air conditioning can help to reduce energy costs by up to 50%. Your local heating and air conditioning service provider can help you save money on your power bills; ask about these high-efficiency air conditioning alternatives to save your family money each month.

Properly maintaining HVAC systems not only help them to run efficiently, but it can also help homeowners cut down on pricy heating and air conditioning service and repairs. Filters in your heating and cooling systems ought to be changed regularly: at least every two months to prevent dust and allergen buildup. Experts suggest having your systems inspected twice per year: once before winter and once before summer to ensure that your system is operating at peek efficiency when homeowners need them most. If properly maintained, a heating and air conditioning system can last homeowners for between 10 and 15 years. With the proper maintenance, homeowners can not only reduce their energy costs but can enjoy more efficient, comfortable service even longer.

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