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Electrical Hazards Stay Safe During the Holidays

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Did you know that, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), holiday lights start an average of 150 residential fires in any given year? The same fires kill approximately eight people and accrue nearly $16.4 billion worth of property damage! Keeping homes and offices safe during the holiday season can be especially challenging. What simple tools can Americans follow to reduce electrical fires and hazards during the holidays? What about the rest of the year?

Important Holiday Safety Tips

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reveals that as many as 12,500 people end up in the emergency room with injuries and burns from holiday decorations, lights, and Christmas trees. Stay safe during the holidays using the following tips:

  • Pay attention when purchasing holiday lights. The CPSC reminds consumers, “Make sure your holiday lights bear the mark of a recognized testing lab to show they meet safety standards.”
  • Fasten lights securely. Never leave holiday light strands, or other decorations with electrical wiring, trailing along the floor. Make sure lights are reliably in place. Avoid leaving too much slack outdoors (loose lights are especially susceptible to wind damage), and never fasten lights using materials that may tear or damage wiring and cords, such as sharp staples.
  • Trim your tree – literally. Cut one or two inches from the truck of all real Christmas trees. This will improve water absorption, and help keep trees fresh and healthy.

Rubber Grommets and Cable Ties

Dramatically reducing risks of electrical fire and hazards throughout the year depends on keeping wires organized and intact. Homeowners can feed cords, wires, and cables through circular or oblong rubber grommets to protect wires from tearing, fraying, and abrasion. Consumers can buy grommets online, from the convenience and comforts of home, or visit a local hardware store.

Similarly, cable ties secure cords and cables into place to prevent damaged or loose wiring. Manufacturers offer heavy-duty nylon cable ties, releasable zip ties, or Velcro cable ties to organize and lock a few, lightweight cords into place.

Electrical safety should be a year-round concern. Homeowners can stay safe during the holidays by purchasing the right lights and keeping Christmas trees healthy and fresh. Simple protective tools, such as grommets and cable ties, can keep residents safe throughout the year. More can be found here:

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