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Hiring the Right Fence Company the First Time

UPDATED 1/25/21

Are you ready to invest in a privacy fence but not sure who to trust to do the job right?

A professional fence company allows you to enjoy your new landscaping, rather than stressing out about planning and execution. It also protects your 65% return on investment and up to 14% increase in your home’s value. These are just a few benefits you can expect from selecting the best fence company for your needs.

Taking full advantage of the benefits of a privacy fence starts with hiring the best fence company. The process is as easy as following this quick guide, which includes step-by-step instructions on how you can contract the right fence installation company from the get-go.

Unlock your phone and power up your laptop because the journey to your new fence starts now.

Create a List of Fence Companies

The first task on your list is to write down all the fence companies in your area. These are your prospective candidates.

One of the best ways to find local fencing professionals is to perform a Google search. Type in phrases such as “fence companies near me” or “best fence company in ___” followed by your city, such as “best fence company in Tampa.” Nearly 300,000 people work in the fencing industry, so you should be able to find a number of companies to choose from.

After you’ve completed your list, the real research begins.

Look Into Their Online Presence

If you ever needed an excuse to surf the web and social media, here’s a great one. Click on the webpages brought up by Google to peruse around each fence company’s website. Pay attention to any deals they might be advertising or ways to contact them. Remember, you’re looking for expert installation.

You should also look into any social media the fencing company participates in. Sites such as Facebook and Instagram include ways for past customers to comment on their experiences. This is something you’ll want to pay close attention to as you consider each fence company.

Review Their Past Clients

Besides scrolling through social media feeds, you should also stroll down the lanes of your neighborhood. Find fences in your area that mirror what you’d like to do with your landscaping. Nearly 90% of folks who landscape their yards apply for an outdoor fence. Many of the companies that fence may ask clients to post a sign claiming the work.

Beyond looking through these life-size fence catalogs, you should also ask friends and neighbors if they’ve worked with a local fence company. Word-of-mouth advertising still trumps many modern ways of getting the word out.

Contact a Fence Salesperson Directly

After gathering the facts and polling your friends, you should narrow down your list of fence companies to a handful. Now it’s time to interview them directly.

Before speaking to a fence contractor, make a list of the characteristics you’re looking for in a fence. These could be measurements, materials, fence types, time frame, budget, or any other variables that affect your particular fence design. Reference these items as you’re speaking to each fencing company.

One of the best ways to get a feel for a fence company is to have a representative visit your residence and calculate a quote. Most companies offer this as a free service, but make sure you retain a paper copy for comparison, especially if you have a few of these lined up.

wooden fence companies

Read Between the Fence Posts

As you work through this simple process of choosing the right fence company the first time, notice how you feel interacting with each company. Sometimes the way in which fence companies deal with prospective clients reveals a lot about how they treat paying customers. Note any characteristics that stand out to you and keep them in mind as you make your final decision.

Enjoying the luxury and benefits of privacy fencing starts with hiring the right company. The right fence improves up to about 14% of the home value. Hiring professionals guarantees quality and also saves on expenditure.

Wood fence companies

A wood fence is affordable, provides the right privacy, and is naturally beautiful. Wooden fence companies offering these services have their methods of installing, including the use of wood fence lumber, wood fence specifications, and construction on site. Different styles and designs are used according to the type of company.

There are so many fence companies according to one’s location.

Here are some tips for finding the best company nearby:

  1. Searching the neighborhood
  2. Find multiple estimates
  3. Look for complications that can affect the costs
  4. Check the warranty

The cost of the fence depends on several factors: the fence materials, terrain, and local regulations. The contractor measures the yard and orders materials.

Having a decorative fence provides can beautify your yard. Metal fences are always refined, elegant, and also durable. There are many companies around the world and in many places offering this service.

Adding fencing to your yard increases the value of your property, but there’s more to it than just dollar signs. Enjoy your newly-built fence without having to worry about zoning permits or material calculations. Hire the right fence company the first time around and you’ll reap the benefits every time you walk outside.

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