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The Dangers of Not Cleaning Your Homes Ducts

The Dangers of Not Cleaning Your Homes Ducts

As a homeowner, you may not even think twice about the home’s duct work. It may not cross your mind when you think about the deep cleaning tasks you have to do today. Turns out, not giving the ducts in your home a good cleaning on a regular basis and wreak havoc on your health and on your home. One reason to have the ducts cleaned regularly is to maintain the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems. A dirty duct could make the heating and cooling system perform poorly and in turn, require you to turn them up. This equates to the systems working harder, lessening their lifetime, and a higher bill for you. Since heating and cooling costs equate for about 50% of utility costs, it makes more sense to have the heating and cooling ducts be more efficient. In addition to the potential higher costs, it can be dangerous to have dirty ducts. Dryer vent cleaning is a necessity to reduce any potential fire hazard. An overly clogged dryer vent can overheat and catch fire. This is why properly maintaining home vents is a necessity. The leading cause of dryer fires is failing to clean the vents. Astonishingly, lint screens in dryers only catch about 25% of the lint. The remaining 75% ends up sticking to the walls of the dryer vent, causing a hazard.

Not Cleaning The Ducts Can Make You Sick – Here’s Why

Speaking of cleaning house vents on a regular basis – a dirty vent can make your family physically ill. Over time, vents get compiled up with dirt, dander, and other particles that normally float through the air. This can cause congestion and respiratory related issues when breathed in regularly. According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation, around 80% of people are exposed to dust mites on a daily basis and around 60% of people are exposed to pet dander. Cleaning your ducts on a scheduled basis should greatly reduce these allergens and prevent any health issues from occurring in the home.

The Negative Side of Skipping The Insulation

Not properly insulating your home can increase heating and cooling bills, as nothing is working to keep the temperature regulated. Not surprisingly, 25% of an attic’s heat is lost if it is poorly insulated, and a well insulated home can reduce the cost of heating and cooling by up to 40%. Attic insulation installation can be a simple home project that saves money in the long run.

Another important home project is water restoration. Water restoration services, done by professionals, can save a home’s value. Homeowners rely on water restoration service when water damage occurs, from either an appliance malfunction or natural disaster.

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