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Five Ways to Reduce Clutter and Alleviate Stress

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A study by Newsweek found that Americans spend about 55 minutes a day roughly 12 times a year trying to find things they know they own but can’t locate. The five most common items, according to IKEA, that men look for are clean socks, remote controls, wedding albums (strangely enough), car keys, and their driver’s license while women will most likely be looking for shoes, their kids’ toys, wallets, lipstick, and just like their male counterparts, the remote. Having to look for misplaced items will not only cost you valuable time but can cause you lots of stress. In fact, clutter is one of Americans’ main stressors. Because of that, if you have lots of clutter slowing you down, you should think about installing interior sliding doors and using several other tips for getting better organized.

Clearly Define Storage Spaces

Sometimes, the living room or dining room can turn into a storage room as well. Whether you have lots of kids’ toys or just a bunch of stuff that has accumulated, using interior sliding doors to separate storage spaces can be quite helpful. Doing so will help you keep items like keys away from the items you store, and prevent losing them.

Spend Time Tidying Up

Even if you have a busy schedule, spending time picking up every day can help you remove clutter and stay organized. One of the reasons that messes get out of control is that, quite simply, it would be a huge burden to take the time to clean them up. A little bit of speed cleaning every night will allow you to get rid of stuff you don’t want and prevent the mess from ever getting too big.

Build a Mini Home Office

Work that makes its way out of the office and into your home can be a major contributor to clutter. By installing office room dividers in just a small corner of your home, you will have a place to both put and complete all of the work that comes home with you. That should help to not only reduce clutter, but also give productivity a boost.

Use Organization Tools

There are probably a million different items you can use to help get organized. Everything from decorative magazine racks on your wall to labeled storage bins and hanging shoe racks can be helpful for getting organized and removing clutter.

There might not be one particular strategy that will work for every homeowner and their family, especially since items like interior sliding doors are not always practical. However, the right techniques can help eliminate clutter so that you spend less time looking for misplaced items, feel less stressed, and are able to be more productive.

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