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Save Your Grass With Trenchless Pipe Replacement

Trenchless pipe lining

Your sewer pipes are some of the most important features your house has. After all, living in your house would be quite different without indoor plumbing! Recent advances in technology have made sewage and plumbing systems better than ever. However, they are still vulnerable and subject to repair and even replacement. Because sewage pipes tend to be buried deep underground, they are notoriously difficult to get to and, moreover, are more vulnerable to damage than other kinds of pipes. Tree roots, for example, can grow up to three feet below the soil surface and up to three times the diameter of the canopy, damaging sewage pipes in the process. Anything abrasive, such as bits of rust, or acidic, such as water with a pH of 6.8 or less, can severely deteriorate sewage pipes, especially copper. Other contaminants and factors can wear down the pipes, and over time this can spell disaster for a household.

A relatively new method of pipe repair makes the process of repairing and replacing your pipes convenient and unintrusive. Trenchless pipe repair makes sewer pipe lining a breeze — or at least compared to the conventional method! Under conventional methods, large trenches are dug in a house’s yard in order to access the sewer pipes. This causes serious serious damage to the lawn and anything in it, including any patio, canopy, and deck installations present. Oftentimes the work is so destructive that homeowners are required to spend more money on restoration costs. This is a big deal for many homeowners that do not have much money to throw away.

Trenchless pipe replacement, however, changes all that. Trenchless sewer repair can replace the pipes (as the name suggests) without having to dig massive trenches. Pipes older than 40 years should be repaired or at least inspected, and the trenchless pipe replacement technique is just the method to do it.

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