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Looking for Shower Tile Designs can be Fun and Exciting

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Travertine tile is made from a natural stone and is often available in white, tan, brown, cream, and gold. It is a limestone that naturally forms in hot mineral springs in areas all over the world. Building with stone can be challenging, but it is a warm, smooth stone that creates an inviting atmosphere. It was once used primarily for patios but is not widely used in bathrooms.

When looking for shower tile ideas with travertine tile, you can check out a lot of different sources for patterns are a great starting point. These areas are often done with travertine tiles, but even if they aren?t, they may provide you the inspiration you are looking for.

Patios are particularly useful because people are more likely to put design elements on their patio. Patio is actually a Spanish word that means courtyard of a house. In Spanish culture, the patio is an active part of the living space and is treated as such, so there is more thought put into patio design.

Pinterest is also a great place to look for shower tile ideas. Those enjoy the most natural look and choose a variety of tiles in similar color tones and have them installed randomly. This will create a smooth transition of color throughout the shower.

Another option may be to choose ceramic tiles that can be found in nearly any size or pattern. This allows you to create a very distinct pattern within the shower. When choosing a design, it is important to be mindful of where the shower handles and facet will be. Depending on the look you are going for, you may want to work those into the pattern.

When it comes to shower tiling, it is best to get a professional. Unlike most floor projects, showers have a lot of angles and turns, tiles need to be set vertically, and working out patterns can be frustrating if you?ve never done it before. A professional tile installer can give you a fresh, clean, and beautifully tiled shower in a fraction of the time.

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