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Replace Your Windows For The Summer

Hot rolled steel windows

The hot summer months can mean a lot of things. Beach fun, vacation, ice cream out in the sun. But what about for your home? It can also mean scorching heat that leaks in through your single pane windows, causing them to waste your valuable home cooling energy. This can end up costing you up to hundreds of dollars a year in wasted energy. Instead, you should look into the valuable investment of steel framed windows and doors. These steel windows and doors can help you keep your expensive AC inside, while keeping all that heat from the summer where it belongs.

Steel framed windows and doors work efficiently to keep your home’s cool air inside. Windows with an older, wooden frame will expand and contract with the heat, causing them to let that cool air escape. When your window and door frames expand and contract, they also pose an additional risk to your safety in the event of a fire. Having metal windows will ensure that your windows will open efficiently and safely when you need them to, because they won’t stick shut in the frame or become sealed.

Another benefit of steel framed windows and doors is their durability against attempted intrusion. A home intrusion happens every 13 seconds, so you never want to be caught unprepared. Steel windows and doors are sturdy and impenetrable, which also makes them perfect for a safe-room in your home. You can find these fixtures in a wide variety of styles and designs, which makes it easy to find the doors and windows that will perfectly suit your home. From the outside, your home will look elegant and protected. And from the inside, you’ll be saving big money on your energy costs, while knowing you’re safe and sound, thanks to your steel windows and doors.

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